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Sunday, October 03 2004 @ 12:35 pm EDT

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Immigrating to Panama for many of us, means bringing Household Goods/Cars from the United States; as permitted by the Pensionada laws of Panama. Here's an overview of some of the things you will need to consider. For shipping from the US. We used a company highly recommended by friends who had shipped overseas several times. The company is Crown International Forwarders, 1814 Dimmocks Mill Road, Hillsborough NC, 27278. 1-800-631-6881. or 919-732-1757 e-mail:

Our contact was Mike Neo, who was recommended by our friends. We never spoke with anyone else, except to leave a msg for him. We shipped a 40 ft container full of household goods and a car. Mike told us to absolutely not put any thing in the car.

We packed every box and wrapped every piece of furniture our self. We numbered each and every item and listed the contents.We did not list the numbers by room which we were told later, we should have.

The container was bought to our house on a truck and the company allows 4 free hours to load it and then charges a fairly high rate for any time over that. The container is 4 feet off the ground, you are responsible for loading and securing all contents. The easy way to load the car is get one of the rolloff wreckers to come to the house pick up the car and let it roll off on to the container. Mike can tell you how to secure the car. Make sure you follow his instuctions. No insurance is going to cover damage to the contents of the container according to what we were told. The insurance that we purchased covered the loss of the entire container while it was intransit. The driver of the truck does not do anything, except bring the truck and put the seal on when you have finished loading it. He is not a shipping expert. If you have a question, you need to ask Mike, not the driver.

You will need a company in Panama to handle customs. We choose Licda Flor De Leon, Agent Corredor de Aduanas #269, email phone 011-507 314 0643/0644 fax 314-0618. Her firm handles the customs paperwork for several of the firms owned by my wife's family. She did a good job for us and we highly recommend her.

We bought a lot of our appliances with us, because we had just purchased new appliances for our home in the states. But by the time you add the cost of shipping and the cost/time getting thru customs, I really think one would be better off buying most items in Panama. You can buy the same brands you buy in the states, plus others here at about the same price as you pay in the states. Our container arrived a month after we did. The paperwork on the furniture was completed and it was released to us 10 days later, but the car was held for another 2 weeks before it was released. Hope this helps others have a successful move, without any problems.

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