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El Valle De Anton

Travel & TourismEl Valle de Anton “Nestled within an ancient volcanic crater where clouds dance atop rainforest covered mountainsides, El Valle de Antòn is the largest continually inhabited volcanic crater in the World. Located in the Province of Coclé, its rocky composition and volcanic countryside are ideal for exploring such ancient (11,000 years old) historic paths. The local community is mainly descendant of the Guaymì Indian Tribe. Just under two hours by car from Panama City, El Valle is nestled in the second largest volcano (extinct) crater in the world, a five kilometer crater that exploded 5 million years ago. The resultant scenery is unique- a steep valley surrounded by jagged peaks and filled with flowers and verdant forest.

Check out this great picture of El Valle that was taken from the Space Shuttle. You can clearly see the mountains of Panama's central ridge, with the El Valle crater clearly visible and Gatun Lake in the background. Great picture...

El Gaital National Monument, a cloud forest nature preserve next to the Valley, is excellent for hiking, nature tours and birding. El Valle also boasts a near perfect year-round spring climate. El Valle is located about 90 minutes drive from the Bridge of Americas. Once you drive about 60 minutes just past the town of SanCarlos, turn right and go up the mountain road for about 30 minutes until you descend into El Valle de Anton.

The Zoo & Botanical Garden, El Nispero
Helicopter Tour of Area (Probable) $40 per person from Hotel Los Capitanes
The Thermal Ponds
Las Mosas water falls, along Rio Anton
Petroglyphs: La Piedra Pintada
Square Trees nearby Hotel Campestre
Golden Frogs at Hotel Campestre & El Níspero & Los Capitanes
La India Dormida, natural mountain formation in shape of sleeping princess
El Chorro Macho waterfalls by Canopy Adventure
Canopy Adventure Tel: 507. 264-5720 / 612-9176 Fax: 263-2784
Museum next to Catholic Church
Artisan & Vegetable Market (Saturday & Sunday Market)
Horse Back Riding
Bird Watching

Better Hotels to stay at in El Valle.

HOTEL LOS CAPITANES 13 rooms, tel #: 983-6080 and website Good restaurant. Includes breakfast. Around $60 per night.

HOTEL CAMPESTRE 28 rooms Tel #: 983-6146 website at Includes breakfast Around $60 per room.

HOTEL LOS NANCE'S BED & BREAKFAST 5 Rooms Tel #: 983-6126 Includes breakfast. $60 per room. Recommend persons renting here have 4-wheel drive, as this is up on the side of the hill above Park Eden, and road very steep.

RINCON VALLERO 14 Rooms Tel #: 983-6175/264-9119 Includes breakfast. Email address is and their website is at Excellent restaurant. Rooms from $80-around $110.

PARK EDEN BED & BREAKFAST 5 rooms Tel #: 983-6167 / 226-8858 & 5 rooms, includes full breakfast 2 persons per room, additional cost per each additional person. $60/$85/$95/$95 and an entire house with two bedrooms $195. No restaurant.

LA CASA DE LOURDES 3 Rooms Tel #: 983-6450 / 269-6237 This is the tops, nothing better...Gourmet breakfast included...exclusive cuisine & accommodations...where the IN people dine. Rooms from $190. Best restaurant in the area.

CRATER VALLEY ADVENTURE SPA 8 Rooms Tel #: 983-6942 Tel #: 215-2326 & 983-6942 Fax: 215-2329 Among the best in El Valle. Has pool, sauna, massage parlor, beauty saloon, and lush grounds. Expect it to be pricey, but worth it. Room Rates: $90-$110 No restaurant.

APARTOTEL EL VALLE: 13 Rooms Tel #: 264-2272 New large rooms with just the basics, but clean & spacious. Natural thermal waters pool. Rooms from $37.50- $60 per day.

Some of the other places available at much more economical rates:
Hotel Don Pepe: 983-6835
Hotel Greco: 983-6149
Hotel Residencial El Valle: 983-6536
Cabañas las Mozas: 983-6071
Cabañas de Colores: 983-6613

Most of the many Americans live and mingle with the local community and are considered part of the community. El Valle is different from other communities in that it represents a laid back, small, well planned, tranquil community made up of friendly locals, elite affluent old established families that have made El Valle their weekend and vacation residence, middle class residents, American & other foreigners all living and socializing and enjoying the most beautiful dormant inhabited volcanic crater in the Americas.

El Valle has good roads, water system, electrical system, direct TV, broadband internet connection, internet cafe, restaurants from the very modest to the very expensive gourmet class, hotels, bed & breakfasts, shops, super markets, hard ware stores, taxi service, bus service to the big City. It’s a community.

You can get to El Valle by bus by going to the Gran Terminal de Transporte in Albrook. The fare is between $3-$7 and the buses leave every 20-30 minutes. The last bus returning to Panama City or out of El Valle leaves around 8:30 PM. There is no direct bus service from El Valle to Boquete or Volcan that I am aware of but you can either return to the Gran Terminal in Albrook and then go where you want or you take the El Valle bus down to the InterAmerican Highway entrance to El Valle, about 30 minutes, get off the bus and catch another one headed in the direction you want.

Retired Gringos do not isolate themselve’s, they are part of the community. We are supportive of each other, socialize amongst ourselves and outside our group, and rarely does a weekend go by that we do not get together for at least one social event. Someone has written that property in El Valle is expensive. It has become more expensive in the last couple years. The average land price is now $15 meter square in the less desirable areas and over $25 per m2 in the higher more desirable areas. There are homes for less than $100,000 and there are homes for more than $1,000,000. Parcels of land smaller than 1000 m2 are not common, and discouraged. In El Valle itself there are excellent constructors, contractors.

El Valle has at least 4 super markets with pharmacies, at least four hardware and building material stores, two gas stations, at least 10 restaurants ranging from the good but inexpensive $2 meal to the $40 gourmet dinner. There are two bakeries, one pizza parlor, one BBQ chicken locale, one Melo agriculture and pet supply store, an ATM, medical-dental clinic, many hotels from the low $10 to the $200/night hotel. Also you can find a post office for general delivery, a library.

I hope this answers your questions and those others may have of El Valle de Anton. Hope you enjoy your visit. charly

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El Valle De Anton
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La Casa de Lourdes boutique-hotel and restaurant has a limited time special offer: Executive rooms for just $90. For reservations or more information please visit, email or dial 983-6645