Are Pensionado's Entitled to a Discount on Health Insurance?

Tuesday, December 07 2004 @ 08:41 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Recently there has been some discussion about the Panamanian law which clearly states that retirees are entitled to a discount on health insurance.
Your welcome Susan. Since my health insurance is a US Gov't retiree
insurance program, like many others here, many expatriates would not
have had this clause brought to their attention. When I read the
law I realized there were many others out there who were getting
their policies on the local economy. I never dreamed this discount
was not being applied to them. Kevin is a good advocate for your
rights. He will pursue the matter until he gets the right answers.
In the mean time, people like yourself, Susan, and others should not
let this moment pass by. Only by bringing it to the attention of
the policy makers will there be a change. charly

--- In, "Susan Guberman-Garcia"
<susanagg1@y...> wrote:
> UPDATE on the discuenta issue brought to you by Suzie the Insurance
> Company Slayer:
> I spoke to Kevin Bradley, my insurance agent, this morning. He
told me that my request for the discount. In my case, the issue is
> complicated by the fact that the company that actually insures us,
IHI (a Danish company) is not licensed to sell insurance in Panama and
can do so only through a third party intermediary corporation known as
> "CONASE." Kevin contacted Conase and their mid level management
> people said "the discount is already represented in the rates."
Kevin said that is not a good answer and the representative contacted the company's lawyers who are now trying to figure out what the law is (and I assume, what their excuse is for not following it.) They
have promised to get back to him as soon as they finish that little
> exercise. He also contacted a couple of other insurers and they
said they had never heard of the law requiring a discount on health
> insurance. Kevin also contacted the Jubilado Association (see
below) and their representative said he was unaware of this law also but will contact the organization's lawyer and see what he says.
> It seems that nobody knows about this law. It may just be that
> nobody has demanded the discount and when denied, filed a complaint before. Thank you Charlie for bringing it to everybody's

> If anyone has a copy of PRIOR versions of the law (apparently it
was amended in 2003 and before that, in 1999, and I would like to know
> WHEN the section requiring health insurance discounts was put in)
> please email it to me or point me to a URL where it can be found.
> Stay tuned for further updates.
> Incidentally, I want to make it clear that Kevin is vigorously
> pursuing my request for the jubilado discount up the chain of
command at the insurance company and has also contacted an advocacy group (whose info I am waiting to get) that advocates on behalf of retirees in Panama to solicit help (Associaion National de Jubilados, waiting for contact info for that group how.) It is NOT Kevin's fault that these insurance companies don't seem to be giving the required discount, he does not make insurance company policies, does not set rates, and does not make these kinds of decisions. All he can do is advocate on the policy holder's behalf and he is doing a great job on that front. (He didn't know about the law either, til I sent it
to him.)
> --- In, "Susan Guberman-Garcia"
> <susanagg1@y...> wrote:
> >
> > Last week, I posted the message below. In the interim, my
insurance agent, Kevin Bradley, reports that he communicated my request to the company (CONASE/IHI), and was told by them that "our lawyers are looking into this."
> >
> > He also said that he thinks that this issue was raised a year or
so ago by an organization called "Jubilado Association" but does
not recall the results. (He also told me that this was the first he
heard of any law requiring jubilado/pensionado discounts on health
> > insurance). (If any of you know what this organization is
please share what you know...)
> >
> > So the lawyers and the suits are sitting around right now
talking about how they can avoid giving me (and any of you who might be eligible) this discount. In my case it amounts to about $600
per year.
> >
> > I am surprised that I have not heard from a single person in
this group about experience in seeking discounts for your health
> > insurance in Panama. I don't know if its because none of you
live in Panama, none of you have medical insurance issued in Panama,
none of you are old enough to be a jubilado or are a pensionado, none
of you have ever requested a discount, all of you are already
getting your discounts (and wonder why I'm such a dummy as to be finding out about this for the first time), all of you have plenty of money
and don't need the discount, or you just don't care.
> >
> > But again, I ask that those of you who ARE eligible for this
> > discount and DO have health insurance in Panama please tell me
> > whether you are now getting your discount, asked for and were
> > refused the discount, etc. etc. and what company you are
insured with. Sharing this information will help all of us, not just
> > If you do not wish to post, please email the info to me
privately at:
> > susanagg1
> > @
> >
> >
> > Thank you.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > --- In, "Susan Guberman-
> > <susanagg1@y...> wrote:
> > >
> > > The law says THIS:
> > >
> > > 9. Insurance companies that include in their policies health
> > > benefits for illness shall adjust their fees to include the
> > > necessary adjustment so that the benefits of these discounts
are transferred in the payment of the premiums when the insured is
55 years old if female, and 60 years old if male, as well as to
the Pensionados & Jubilados.
> > >

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