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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:07 AM UTC

"I saw it on Panama Guide..."

What is PG?We've been working lately to reach out to some of Panama's business leaders, to begin to promote the website (and to get them to help pay our bills...) As we continue to publish more more links and articles, the one thing we ask for is some kind of quid pro quo for our readers.

That means, if you saw a review, link, or article on our website and you tell the owners "I saw it on Panama Guide..." there's a very good chance that they will toss in a free glass of wine, desert, or something in recognition.

It ends up being a win-win-win for you, us, and the business owner. And then please feel free to come back and post an article about the place, and be sure to include both the good and bad. Right now there are only a handful of businesses in the country that who will know what you're talking about if you said "I saw it on Panama Guide" but that number will be increasing exponentially. Hopefully, that phrase will eventually translate into an automatic "freebie" for our readers.

This site will be as useful and comprehensive as you, our readers, make it. Please send us any English language links you find while researching Panama, and we will add them. Eventually, we want to find them all. Also, please write up short articles about your travels, experiences, and adventures and let us all know. Nobody's making a dime, and we're all about sharing information for everyone's benefit. The feedback has all been positive, as we continue to work to improve the site and its benefit to you.

And if you want to help there are several things you can do. First of all, content. We need people to help write material and send us links and ideas for stories. Next, you can sign up to join the site as a "user". If you run a website please add our link to your site. Also, please set our homepage as your starting page for your browser. Finally, please spread the word and send our links and email our stories to other people you know of that are interested in Panama. All of these things will help us out (and, we need all the help we can get...)

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