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The American Society of Panama

Groups & OrganizationsTom Lord, the President of The American Society of Panama and a member of the Board of Directors for Panama Guide provides this overview of the organization. The American Society of Panama is the organization to become involved with. It is a haven for the English-speaking community, especially those persons who are interested in our social and cultural outreach programs. The American Society sponsors and performs charitable works; assists groups or individuals that engage in like- minded endeavors; provides a forum for discussing current events; and keeps members abreast of important issues that affect our community. Approximately 300 persons are now members, including US Nationals and Panamanians, in addition to many other nationalities who are involved in the business, diplomatic, educational, and religious life of Panama. Fees to join are modest for families and individuals.

Activities are planned on the basis of a monthly calendar and are a source of enjoyment for those who participate. We offer members an opportunity to socialize with old friends and greet newcomers. We organize tours to cultural and educational sites; hear lectures on interesting topics; such as the watershed that feeds the Panama Canal; and provide activities for our families with children. We sample the best cuisine that Panama has to offer as we meet in world class restaurants. Other fun events include Octoberfests, Murder Mystery Nights, wine tasting parties, picnics, talent shows and Thanksgiving Day dinners. To satisfy our intellectual appetite we invite guest speakers from government and industry who share their insights into the significant developments that affect our lives.

We have a structure, constitution and by-laws that are appropriate for our status. Our Board of Directors is elected once a year and its members serve terms ranging from 1- 2.years. There are no paid positions in the Society because everyone volunteers their time and energy to make events happen.

The American Society began as an exclusive club for American males who owned successful businesses in Panama in the 1930s. When it was founded in 1931, women and employees of the US government were not allowed to join, except for the head of the US Legation. Over the years the Society has adapted and evolved to the point where membership is now open to all persons who share our common goals.

Throughout the years the Society has stayed in tune with the needs of the English-speaking community and responded appropriately. Notable achievements of the Society include the founding of the American Chamber of Commerce in 1980 and the International School of Panama in 1983. The American Society provided the leadership and the initial funding for the International School which now has 600 students representing 40 nationalities and a multi-million dollar campus. Philanthropic activities involve supporting a local public elementary school in Panama and an orphanage for children.

Plans for the new millennium include continuing to support the social and cultural needs of the English speaking community, even after the departure of many Americans previously involved in the operation and protection of the Panama Canal. The Society will continue to provide useful and practical information for English speakers residing in Panama and we extend our offer to interested persons to join our community.

Whether you are a long time resident, newly arrived, or just planning a visit to Panama, check out our website at or contact us at our email address,,

The American Society of Panama is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

Keeping the spirit and traditional values of the United States of America alive among U.S. citizens residing in the Republic of Panama,

Fostering a better understanding between the various nationalities for the spirit and traditional values held by the citizens of the United States of America,

Promoting understanding and respect among the members for the spirit and traditions of our Panamanian hosts,

Fostering good relations with our host country by supporting charitable and educational institutions in the Republic of Panama,

Providing an atmosphere for enhancing mutual respect and friendship among all nationalities living in Panama,

Providing assistance to other U.S. citizen groups and individuals, and supplementing the efforts of the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Panama in times of disaster or emergency; and

Providing a forum for discussion of issues of concern to the U.S. and other communities residing in Panama.

Membership is open to all people of good moral character residing in Panama and supporting the Constitution of the Society. Applications must be approved by the Board of Directors. The initiation fee is $30.00 for individuals and families, and includes the dues for the first calendar year. This initiation fee must accompany the application for membership. Dues are set annually by the Board of Directors and are collected in January of each year. The renewal fee is $25.00.

Please complete the application on line and give to any Board member the initiation fee, OR mail together to: The American Society of Panama, Apartado 184, Balboa, República de Panamá


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The American Society of Panama
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