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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 11:24 AM UTC

The American Fair & American Society of Panama Membership Drive and Annual Picnic

Groups & OrganizationsThe American Society in Panama is having its annual picnic on the grounds of the American Embassy residence in conjunction with the American Fair being sponsored by the American Ambassador, the Honorable Linda Watt & the American Embassy, and the American Society in Panama. Non-member Expats and guests are welcome and can purchase their tickets for the American Fair-American Society Picnic for $6 adults/$3 children under 12 years old. For security reasons no ticket will be sold the day of the event as we must turn in a list of each individual attending.

I have tickets for the American Fair which is being held at the American Embassy residence grounds on Saturday 22nd Jan. 2005 from 11AM to 3PM. We have a limited number of tickets for the Fair & BBQ. If you pay your membership dues prior to the event you get a free ticket for each member of the family for entrance and BBQ. The normal charge otherwise will be $6/person 12 years or older. Children under 12 will pay $3.

I have the tickets on me and will have them either at the Clinic or in El Valle. Lets get our dues ($25) paid and get your tickets for the events at the same time. Call or contact me and make arrangements to acquire the tickets. No tickets will be sold the day of the event as a listing of all attending is needed.

For those not currently members of the American Society of Panama please go to the following site and read about our activities. You can apply for membership from that site. Membership dues are $30 per family. Come and join the community; become active socially and help sponsor good charitable causes such as the JFK School, and the Escuela de Los Estados Unidos, among other causes, along with English scholarship programs.

AMSOC Membership New Member: $30/family Renewal: $25

AMSOC Membership dues are due for the period of January 1, 2005 through December 31st 2005. AMSOC Members who pay their dues can attend the American Fair and AMSOC Picnic free (for members and children).

The American Fair and AMSOC Picnic will be held on 22 January 2004, from 11am-3pm at the Ambassador’s Residence.

AMSOC Picnic food tickets are $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children under 12.

There are two ways to pay: First, contact any board member and pay your dues at that time you can get your "Picnic Tickets".

Second, mail your dues to The American Society of Panama, P.O. Box 184, Balboa, Panama. But, you will still have to contact a board member to acquire your tickets.

Please make out all dues checks for 2005 in the amount of $25.00 Please write in the remarks section of your check "dues 2005".
Tom Lord 315-0283
Dr. Charles Garcia 226-8050
Sandra Abell 315-0565
Rita Sosa 260-0671
Brett Mikkelson 214-3868
Dr. Wallace Snyder 226-0920
Ramon Morales 314-1435
Robert Emerick 314-0480
Wilberforce Brooks 231-9779
Cedric Gittens 223-5526
Sergio Davis 225-9584
Eunice Greaves 229-4009
Monica Baker 263-2011

NOTE: If you just became a new member in December 2004, your membership is good until next year. Your picnic tickets will be free. Please contact one of our board members for your picnic tickets. Tom Thomas R. Lord, Jr. President, American Society of Panama

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