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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 10:13 PM UTC

PowerClub Gym Prices (19 Jan 05)

Sports SectionI'm shopping for a gym right now, since the Lite Gym in my building isn't cutting it any more. So far, I've visited SportTek on Via Brasil, which I liked a lot, but it might not be exactly convenient for me.

(Also, Don didn't mention the parking situation there. If you have a small car, no prob; but if you drive a 4x4 or a larger car, take it slow - the spots are small and you might have to drive five floors to get a spot. To their credit, they have two guys with walkie talkies directing traffic. )

I visited the PowerClub in El Cangrejo (behind Bon Bimi on Via España) at 10am. It's important to note the time because gyms are very busy early morning (5 am-ish) and late afternoon, after work. At 10am, the gym was reasonably empty. The space is expansive, with weights on the bottom level, cardio machines on the top level, overlooking the bottom level. And rooms for Spinning, Yoga and Aerobics classes also on the top level.

Here's the prices as of 19 January:
Annual fee: $570 (includes locker plus towel)
Half year fee: $315
Quarterly fee: $160 + $30 sign up
Discount fee: $49.50/month + $30 sign-up (this is a monthly fee where you agree to have your credit card charged every month
Monthly fee: $60/month +$30 sign-up
Daily fee: $12
Family plan: $99/month +$30 sign-up
Family plus child: add $45
Annual family plan: $1000 (includes towel + locker)

They also offer corporate plans and personal trainers, plus:
Initial fitness evaluation: $50
Cardio training program: $140
Locker rental: $10
One-hour massage: $30
Half-hour massage: $18
10 one-hour massages: $250

*Prices do not include the 5% ITBMS tax.

PowerClub gym is open 5am to 9:30 M-F, Saturdays 8-5 and Sundays 10-4. If you sign-up at one, you can use the facilities in Punta Pacifica and their new branch (don't know where that is yet).

While more pricy than SportTek, I'm leaning toward this gym because it is convenient to where my son goes to school, but I will follow up on the other gyms I visit and post their fees as well.

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