Corvette Club of Panama

Monday, January 31 2005 @ 01:25 AM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Anybody out there got a Corvette? I was driving through Albrook this afternoon and about ten 'vetts caught my eye. It turns out that there's a formally organized Corvette Club of Panama that holds regular meetings. I just happend to be passing by, and could not resist stopping to take a few pictures of True American Muscle in Panama. In case your wondering, I don't have a Corvette. After this afternoon I wish I did. These guys get together regularly to show off their cars and trade secrets about parts and modifications.

There are about thirty members in the club. I asked if there were any gringos or English speaking members of the club and was told that there were some before the US military pulled out, put that currently all the members are Panamanians. But, they told me that all of the club members speak fluent English, and that anyone with a Corvette, or anyone who just likes Corvettes is welcomed to come out and see their cars when they get together.

There were several nice cars at this meeting, like these...

If you're interested, these guys will be holding a car show at Grupo Siliba in March when the first new 2005 Corvettes arrives in Panama. I helped them out and started a Yahoo! group for them, and you can keep an eye on that for future meetings and stuff like that.

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