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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 09:59 pm EDT

Background and Historical Information Requested on HOROKO

Golfers & GolfingDoes anyone have any background or historical information on the HOROKO golf course? FOR BOB SULLIVAN, BOB ASKEW, AND ANY OTHER GOLFERS FAMILIAR WITH HOROKO

The person handling public relations for Tucan Golf & Country Club, located at the former Horoko Golf Course, contacted me today asking for background information on HOROKO. Not being a golfer, I have very little information on the subject but am interested also in anything you might recall or have that be useful, particularly on the following questions.

1. Who designed/built the course?
2. When was it built?
3. Were there any "tournaments" at the course?
4. Where could one get photos of high-ranking officers playing golf there?

Please pass anything you might have on this to me and, if desired, also directly to Jane Watkins at As I said, I am also interested in such info to add to what little I have on HOROKO for my new website.

If anyone is interested in the Tucans project, its website is


Bill Ormsbee

P.S. Bob Askew: Do you have an email address for Robert Moreland/ I have heard of him, but do not know him. My brother-in-law, who used to work at Rodman (now in Spain) mentioned Moreland as a source of information on HOROKO. Thanks.

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Background and Historical Information Requested on HOROKO
Authored by: Lobowrench on Tuesday, February 22 2005 @ 10:37 am EST

Hello! You want info on Horoko, you need to talk to Howie at Bar Boy in Panama. Phone # is in phone book.