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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 07:48 PM EDT

March Expat Social Event

Groups & OrganizationsThe next expat social gathering will be held on Monday, 14 March at 7:00 PM at the outdoor patio of the Cafe Sante on Balboa Avenue (right outside of the Multicento shopping mall.) Drinks and socializing from 6-7 PM. See you there... Hello Friends,

.....It is that time again! 7 months strong... and STILL growing!!

Our regular March Ex Pat Social will be held Monday, March 14th at the huge outdoor patio of Cafe Sante. Cafe Sante is located just to the right of the main doors for the Multicentro Mall on Balboa Avenue. Due to valid concerns with traffic in the past, we are now initiating the meeting at 7:00PM. We will now use the time frame of 6:00pm to 7:00pm as socializing and *censored*tail hour . Of course drop-ins are WELCOME anytime!

Cafe Sante has provided our restaurant search & tasting committee with A LOT of incentive for all of us to be excited about this meeting. Negotiations will be finalized by the Negotiating Committee this week, however we have already been offered:

- a substantial discount to all non-pensionados! Pensionados still receive their 25% discount (which is larger than what we will be able to get).
- Control of music level
- At least one waiter/waitress to every 12-14 people
- A high percentage of English speaking waiters/waitresses
- Reserved area for our meeting

Other bonuses are that the menu is has excellent variety - AND - in both Spanish & English! The food won a thumbs up from all tasters present. This should be good!

Don't forget to bring business cards, flyers or brochures that you want to share with the group as this is an opportunity for everyone to network with each other.

Okay - now the updates & hints at the future....

Our numbers have grown in leaps & bounds in the last 7 months. With this comes change - GOOD changes! :)

ALTOS DEL MARIA/CORONADO/EL VALLE/ETC: Our diligent representative for the Altos Del Maria area, Honey Dodge, has now started an "expats west" socials group for that area which will be held alternating to our original gathering in Panama City. If you would like to be added to the Expats West Socials Invitation list, please email Honey at Your name will not be removed from the Panama City group list unless you request it as everyone is welcome at both group meetings.

Activities: We would also like to accommodate the large number of people in our group who would also like to see further variance added. How can we add variance without affecting the present casual status; you ask? Several ways! We will soon be offering a "special event" evening and/or day which will be held during approximately the alternating 2 week period. This "special event" occasion will likely have to be on an RSVP, and have a fee to pay for the costs of the special event. Again, because of our numbers, we will likely get a very good discount, but this will be negotiated on an individual basis by our negotiating committee. We will have an event suggestion & email sign up spot at the upcoming meeting.

Website: Yes, we are working on a website which will provide information throughout the month between meetings. This information will keep you updated on upcoming events as well as useful information tips for life and investing in Panama. Check out the baby stage (only 1/2 day old, so forgive any errors, please!):

So much more..... to come.

For now, don't forget to mark your calendars for March 14th - 7:00pm (with 6 to 7 *censored*tail hour!)- Cafe Sante - in front of Multicentro on Avenida Balboa!

See you there!

The Expat Socials Committee

WHO ARE WE? Panama Ex-Pat Socials are held the second Monday of every month at different restaurants. The purpose is for informal fellow-shipping of mostly ex-pats from different countries who live, work, or invest in Panama; or people considering doing same. Everyone is welcome to attend and/or be put on the email notification list. Notification of each month's location is sent approximately one week before the social.
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