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Tuesday, May 21 2019 @ 11:02 PM UTC

Restaurant Review: Delicias del Pueblo

Food & DrinkThis little hole in the wall started life five years ago as a street-side grill, and has since grown into a full-fledged restaurant. This place is my current favorite in the "bang for the buck" category. First, the vitals: The restaurant is called the "Restaurante Delicias del Pueblo." It is located on Via Venetto near the intersection of Calle 55 in El Cangrejo. In local terms, it's located on the same street as the Pomodoro, just up the street a half a block and on the left. You can park in the paid parking lot that's also on the left, across the street from the Pomodoro, for $.50 while you're eating.

Miguel Vega Nunez is the administrator of the restaurant, and their phone numbers are 214-4678 and his cell is 673-4180. Their email address is

This little place started out five years ago basically as a grill selling to the sidewalk crowd. I noticed awhile ago they had acquired the space next to them and were expanding. We wandered in there last night and were happily suprised.

The place was packed, and that's always a good sign. And even though it's located a block away from prime tourist country, it seems that almost everyone eating there were locals. The food was excellent (Colombian) and well prepared. I had the "Sobre Barriga al Criollo" and it was just fantastic. The menu will remind old timers of the Fondo Antioquena (which has been bulldozed, by the way) in Panama Viejo near Chanis.

They did their expansion just two years ago, and now it's closed in and air conditioned. Anyone who can start off with just a toe-hold and build it into a full fledged restaurant in a few years deserves respect, and by the looks of things they did it by making their customers happy. In any event, this is a nice little place that's putting out great food at a great price, and if you're in the neighborhood, it's worth a trip.
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