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Sunday, June 16 2019 @ 11:12 AM UTC

April Traffic Report

What is PG?We broke records in every category this month, as Panama Guide continues to grow and gather momentum. The details follow below. Summary - Reported period Month Apr 2005
First visit 01 Apr 2005 - 00:18
Last visit 30 Apr 2005 - 23:52

Unique visitors 4,232
Number of visits 8,424 (1.99 visits per visitor)
Pages 35,788 (4.24 pages/visit)
Hits 218,801 (25.97 hits/visit)
Bandwidth 1.23 GB (152.64 KB/visit)

(Note: All of the above stats are records for the Panama Guide website.)

Daily averages:
Visitors: 280
Hits: 7,293
Bandwidth: 41.86 MB

So, on an average day in April 280 people came to see us.

Some other interesting stuff from the stats page; 89.8% of you use Windows, and only 6% are using Macs. Who's the guy with the WebTV? (it looks like there's one dude...)

We're still getting 71.6% of our traffic from direct requests. About 18.5% of our traffic comes from search engines such as Google and Yahoo. And, about 10% comes from other referring sites.

What's the most popular stuff? (This is the part that kills me...) I've written more than 200 articles for Panama Guide, and I don't own the byline on any of the top three articles. First place goes to "Altos de Maria - A Happy Customer's Viewpoint" by Honey and Larry Dodge with 1,192 views. Second goes to Charly Garcia's "El Valle de Anton" with 990 views. And third place goes to Susan's "Buying Property in Panama 101 for Newbies" with 864 views. I'll just keep writing about fish, and assume that the rest of you will come around eventually.

Most popular link is also from Charly Garcia, the Space Shuttle View from Space of El Valle at 680 clicks. Tucan is #2 at 611, and Eric Jackson's The Panama News is #3 at 556.

I don't know if you care about this stuff, but there it is. I'll try to remember to put this out every month at least.

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