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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 11:48 PM UTC

Floresteria Victoria Flores

ShoppingFirst of all, I think you are doing a great job!

I have a suggestion, could you add in your 'sections' a CONTACT US link? and a SHOPPING section? (Yup. Great suggestion. Thanks... DKW) For example, I wanted to ask you if I could recommend a florist to the readers. I found this great florist in Panama (specializes in Orchids-owner speaks English, too) and wanted to share it with the readers.

I have now ordered 5 times from them and every single one of the arrangements has been incredible (my sister, who lives in Panama, uses them all the time, as well.)

For my sister's 25th wedding anniversary, they did an incredible arrangement of white orchids and red roses like a tree and under $50.00. Another one I sent was to an English lady coming to visit Panama for the first time - I wanted the arrangement to represent Panama (orchids and other flowers native to Panama) - again it was incredible what they did for the price. The other arrangements where for dinner parties (thank yous) and again, they outdid themselves - found them thru a friend because I asked for orchids.

The florist is called: Floristeria Victoria Flores. Avenida Carlos M. Arias No. 32B, Panama. Telephone 223-4659 or 214-6599. The owner, Mr. Ruben Chan speaks English (it is in El Carmen area). Email:

No need to Post this message, just didn't know how to forward this information and ask you about considering adding a link to CONTACT and SHOPPING.

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