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Panamanian Birth, Late Registration

Immigration IssuesThere are many U.S. citizens born in the Republic of Panama (not in the former Panama Canal Zone) between February 26, 1904 and September 30, 1979 whose births were never registered by their parents before the Panamanian Civil Registry. Many U.S. citizens are not aware of this situation until they request a certified copy of their Panamanian birth certificate and are informed that their birth record is not filed with the Panamanian Civil Registry authorities. UNITED STATES EMBASSY PANAMA



Frequently, the child was able to return to the United States without their birth ever having been officially registered in Panama. They were able to enter the United States without a birth registration because they traveled
under one of the following circumstances:

1. The child traveled to the United States included in a parent or sibling's passport, on a family emergency basis or was medically evacuated. Under these circumstances a Hospital Birth Certificate could have been
accepted, pending completion of registration in the United States. Once the child was in the United States the registration with the Panamanian Civil Registry was forgotten and never concluded.

2. The child traveled accompanied by American Citizens parents (especially in the early 40's, 50's or 60's) and Panamanian or U.S. officials gave no attention to his/her traveling documents.

3. The child could have been evacuated to the United States during December 1989 or early 1990 (Operation Just Cause) as a member of a household of an American citizen parent and their registration not

Recently, the Director General of the Panamanian Civil Registry ruled that
any person in this situation who wishes to register their birth in Panama, must personally appear before the Civil Registry in Panama. The United States Embassy in Panama is not permitted to act on anyone's behalf in attempting to register their birth before the Civil Registry. Legal representation to register a birth has been denied by the Panamanian Civil Registry. In other words, conferring a Power of Attorney to any person or lawyer to act in your name is not permitted. Neither the Panamanian Embassy in Washington, D.C. nor the Panamanian Consulates in the United States are able to register Panamanian births because they do not have the ability to view the actual birth registers.

Before traveling to Panama to register your birth before the Civil Registry, we recommend the following actions:

1.. Contact the Panamanian Civil Registry to verify if your birth is registered, or simply request a certified copy of your Panamanian Birth Certificate to find out if the record exists. You must supply the following

- Complete name of the child
- Child's date and place of birth
- Complete name of both parents
- Parents' date and place of birth

2.. If your birth is not registered, according to the Director General of the Civil Registry, you must travel to Panama with your Hospital Birth Records, your parent's marriage certificate, and a form of personal

To request a civil document from Panama, you should write a letter to the following address specifying what document is required:

Correspondencia del Exterior
Apartado 5281
Panama 5, Panama

The phone number for this office is (507) 207-8053

Fax: (507) 225-0522

E-mail address:



The fee is $15.00 for a birth record. Please attach an international money order payable to the TESORO NACIONAL DE PANAMA. This cost also covers all necessary authentications (Apostille stamp) so the documents can be used in foreign countries

Z:ACS-Info: Panamanian Birth - Late Registration Revised: May 2005
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Panamanian Birth, Late Registration
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, February 21 2007 @ 05:00 PM EST

Thank you for the information in your website.

I need to obtain a copy of my birth certificate. In the article "Panamanian Birth, Late Registration" it seems that I may request verification that my birth is registered, OR (and?) a copy of my Panamanian birth certificate - if I provide the information about my parent's name, date & place of birth & etc. Am I correct that I can obtain a copy of my birth certificate with this information and $15.00 US dollars?

If I must travel to Panama to register my birth, where would I go? I was born in Almirante in 1942; if that matters.

Thank you again for providing the information.