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Wednesday, June 26 2019 @ 10:02 PM UTC

Dim Sum/Chinese Food

Food & DrinkYou might wonder why suddenly I have started to add articles. When I visit home (Panama) or any other place, I keep a journal. Since my last visit to Panama we have been traveling and moving, so I am just catching up on my journal and the great places we visited /shopped and ate at - we have our favorites, of course, but some always are repeats!! If we get to Panama early in the day, we always go eat Chinese before going home! Dim Sum the next morning.

DIM SUM: If you haven't experienced (and you like Chinese food) this is a must. There are several places in Panama we Chinese or 'part' Chinese like to go to for Chinese breakfast /brunch (Dim Sum). If you have never tried it, go with someone who has it will make it easy to select the dishes (In a nutshell, Dim Sum is best explained as a breakfast/lunch meal of small, individual prepared dishes that are usually ordered off carts that are pushed through the dining room).

Don't be afraid to try it all - from rice tamales, to chicken feet! (no joke) - but there are so many dishes to select from, just select as many as you think you would enjoy and a pot of hot Chinese Tea (Jazmin) and you will come back for more!

I have had Dim Sum in many places around the world - even Hong Kong, and must admint that my favorite place to eat Dim Sum or any other Chinese food is in Panama!!! (my mother was Chinese)

Favorite places to have Dim Sum/Chinese meals in Panama City (mostly they will serve Dim Sum from about 7am to 11a.m. or noon -t hen they switch to Lunch menu):

(1)Palacio Lung Fung-telephone
260-4011/260-4160. Urbanizacion Los Angeles (by the Riba Smith on La Transistmica) . Not only good Dim Sum, but all Chinese food is great, here (they have take out).

(2) Restaurante Sunly: Calle Miguel Brostella Centro Comercial Los Tucanes in front of the Do-It-Center. Great Dim Sum and all other Chinese food. Telephone: 260-1411.

Bby the way, if you like to cook Oriental food, this is the best area in the city to buy Chinese food ingredients - used to be off Avda B, but now you can find it all in this area - eat and buy ingredients - and go to the Do-It-Center!)--what a deal!

(3)The Golden Unicorn in the Evergreen Building behind ATLAPA. Not only great chinese food/dim sum but a beautiful view - right off the corredor, as well.

There are many Chinese restaurants in Panama, but if I had to name 3, these would be at the top of my list. The first 2 don't have a view, but they are genuine Chinese food (proof: look around, lots of 'paisanos' (how we, Chinese, call each other).

If you have to decide on one restaurant for a visitor and want food and view, then the Golden Unicorn is the place.

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