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Tuesday, September 17 2019 @ 09:12 pm EDT

Furniture/Linea Blanca (Appliances)/Bello Hogar Fair at ATLAPA

ShoppingI posted this in 2 yahoo groups in answer to a posters' request for Ethan Allan furniture. Thought that it would make sense to add the info here, in case some of you are not mmbers of that other group... The person asked about an Ethan Allan shop in Panama. Here is my answer to that question: (by the way, if you know of anybody who carries Ethan Allan, I am sure that poster would appreciate the info--posted in Yahoo VEP.)

I just checked the Ethan Allen website ( and they don't have a store in Panama (the only one in that part of the world is in the Dominican Republic). The site has a 'contact' email that you could write and ask them who, in Panama, is authorized to carry their products?Just a thought.

Having said that, Panama has some GREAT places to buy furniture. Here are just a small sampling that we would recommend - ufortunately, they are a bit srpead out, but I think you will find it worthwhile.

ATLAPA has a yearly BELLO HOGAR exposition furniture, appliances, decorations, flowers, in conjunction with EXPOVINO (i.e. wine, food amd other yummy stuff). This year, it will be in early September - see website: the ExpoVino, see "Colaterales). Someting for everybody.

(1) ADDISON HOUSE, they carry imported furniture (nice/good quality and I would say equivalent to what you could get here --and I live in furniture country-NC), they are on Ave Samuel Lewis and 57th Street. Telephone 264-2398.

(2) Ancon Store -been around a long time in Panama (since 1935!)- they do have a Via Espana y Calle Colombia(by the Iglesia El Carmen or close to the entrance to La Cresta)-Telephone 223-8671.

(3) If you like beautiful, exotic furniture - BANYAN LEAF is a must see - if only to browse (they import it all from the East (like Thailand). They are in the area Bancaria - Calle 49 y Uruguay in Marbella (in front of the restaurant Don Lee). Telephone: 265-2335. I promise you won't be able to leave the store without buying something (my husband dreads it when I suggest we 'go by' there just to 'see what they have'). Good people to work with, too. Helpful and if you compare their prices to same things in USA, you will be plesantly surprised.

(4) EMERSON HOUSE has some nice things, too. . Phone 260-1149. it is in the Edif Century Tower.

(5) BBK Furniture carries Thomasville, Baker and other US brands. They are in Obarrio Calle 6 y Av Samuel Lewis. Tel 269-9862.

(6)I haven't been, but I was told that Scribner's has Amercican Style furniture - they import from Italy,US and Canada. Phone 264-8577.

(7) EL PORTAL DEL SOL has some neat things-rustic (and when they have a sale it is even better) - they are in San Francisco de la Caleta, Calle 69. Phone # 226-6320.Not only furniture, but also accesories.(P.S. across the street there is another furniture store, can't remember the name, but it also has nice things).

(8) CASA VIVA, Calle 68 San Francisco (Antigua Peatonal), cellphone(only listed in their card): 613-2181; fax: 226-9401. Colombian furniture. Colombians make some beautiful furniture and use lots of lovely/solid wood - this store is small, but packed with furniture and worth a visit AND if you can't find what you want, they will have it made in Colombia and shipped to Panama - to your specs. I took a photo from an Architectural Digest magazine and had them make us a wall unit -to specs with a few changes that we thought would work for us -it was incredible and the price even better. Also bought from them a 'sofa' table. I am told there are several Colombian furniture stores in Panama - just ask around. This is the only one I have bought things from and can recommend. Check them out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

(9) PALACIO DEL MUEBLE (they have 2 and owned by a Chinese family) - they don't only focus on oriental furniture,but have everything. We found a round dining table, solid wood, for 6 people (pedestal style), chairs and glass for $600.00 after a little bartering, it came down more. But what I love most about this store is their FINE quality rattan (solid, not flimsy, and elegant) furniture and other pieces. The one we went to was the one just beyond the San Fernando hospital/Clinica America - Address: Via Espana, Las Sabanas, Panama-phone: 221-9972/221-6120. The owner and/or his buyer, if you can't find anything on the floor, will on her next buying trip to Hong Kong get it for you - she told us. Just bring a picture.

(10) You didn't ask, but if you are looking for "Linea Blanca" (splits, kitchen,etc) in addition to Panafoto on 50th, we recommend RAENCO - they have it all and will work on price, installation and will hold everything until you are ready to take possession - and they have their own installers. We did a lot of comparison (Rodelag, Panafoto,Do-It-Center, RAENCO,etc) and overall found Raenco to be the best in prices/service and delivery (to the beach) - and I showed them all the "cotizaciones" to see who could out-bid who?

Good luck shopping! Hope the information, even though long, helps.
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Furniture/Linea Blanca (Appliances)/Bello Hogar Fair at ATLAPA | 3 comments | Create New Account
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Furniture/Linea Blanca (Appliances)/Bello Hogar Fair at ATLAPA
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, May 13 2005 @ 04:24 am EDT

Charmaine, thank you for taking the time to write this information up. My husband and I are moving down to Panama City soon and were just speaking about finding furniture. Banyan Leaf and Casa Vivo sound just like the shops we've been looking for.

Now, I'm more excited than I already was!

Furniture/Linea Blanca (Appliances)/Bello Hogar Fair at ATLAPA
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, March 30 2006 @ 12:25 pm EST

Thank you, Charmaine, for the article about furniture shopping in Panama City. My husband and I recently bought a home in the Farallon area and we are anxious to furnish it. I visited Banyan Leaf (twice) while in Panama City last month and agree with your comments. Thanks so much for giving me a great list of other places to shop. By the way, when I read your profile, I noticed that you live in my home town in NC. I live in CA now but have close family in NC and visit there often. Hope we can chat!