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Tuesday, February 19 2019 @ 02:32 PM UTC

Strikes and demonstrations are still going on

Panama NewsConstruction workers, teachers, doctors, and students are still out protesting the reforms to the social security system that were passed by the legislature and signed into law last week. As of this writing, riot police and construction working were going at it on Tumba Muerto, out near Condado del Rey. The highway to the intrior was shut down at Divisa, and representatives from four interior provinces announced strikes and marches in support. It ain't over yet, folks. It looks like the protestors are going to be going at it again full-tilt today. On commentator on the morning talk shows made the comment that "this looks like a virus that's spreading throughout the country."

There's no telling if the current round of strikes and protests will have neough traction and legs to turn into a real, no-kidding nationwide rise against the reforms. So far, the majority of the protestors are seen as extreme left-wing and somewhat radical. You see the students marching and protesting, and they are carrying red flags with the old soviet hammer and sickle. Someone forgot to tell them that communism died, I guess.

But there are some protestors who are mainstream and would be considered politically centrist. Like many of the doctors who work at the Santo Tomas hospital, or the teachers who work at some of the schools in the interior. Then are genuinely pissed, and are not out protesting just to promote a political agenda.

In any case, it's on for today again. Keep your head down, stay away from construction sites, public offices, and the primary demonstration areas such as the 5th of May Plaza, the presidential building, Plaza Porras, etc. Better yet, stay home and watch it on TV. If it gets really bad, the main channels will drop their primary programming and go to live shots. If it's just simmering, channel 21 will provide the best coverage.
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