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Sunday, September 22 2019 @ 10:21 am EDT

"Einstein's Head"

Cars & TransportationIn Panama you will seldom hear anyone give directions using a street address, or using a numbered highway as a reference. People here give directions using landmarks and well known points of reference. Two speakers will find a common point, and then directions are given from there. A common point of reference for the El Cangrejo area is "La cabeza de Einstein" or, in English, "Einstein's Head." Via Argentina runs through the middle of El Cangrejo. There is a Subway sandwich shop on Via Argentina (at this intersection...)

If you turn up this street, you will see this small little park, which is actually a traffic island. And, sitting in the middle of this park is a huge sculpture of Albert Einstien's head...

Now, old Al was a really smart guy, so I guess that's why the sculptor decided to just do his head. I mean, who really cares about Albert Einstein's left elbow, right? In any case, now you can add this little bit of knowledge about Panama City to your list of reference points, and the next time someone says "Do you know where Einstien's head is in El Cangrejo?" you'll have it covered...

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