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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 10:33 pm EDT

"All Corrupt Officials Are Going Down..."

CorruptionThe lead story in La Prensa this morning is, once again, about corruption. Ana Matilde Gómez, Panama's Attorney General, announed that there are more undercover operations ongoing, and that all corrupt public officials are "going to fall, sooner or later." It's about time. Since her appointment, Ana Matilde Gómez has been Martin Torrijos' "point man" in the fight against corruption of government officials. In the last couple of months, and especially since the end of the strikes against the reforms to the social security system, the Panamanian government has been hammering on corruption from all possible angles.

This most recent statement on corruption comes on the heels of the arrest of Arquímedes Sáez, the prosecutor from Chorrera who was caught red-handed in a sting operation taking a $2,000 bribe to release a women who was being held on charges of "proxenetismo" (the corruption of a minor). While I don't know the details of this case, people charged with this crime usually are related in some way to prostitution. So, this Sáez guy was probably going to take $2,000 to let a pimp walk, a pimp who was exploiting minors for the sex trade. That explains where the money comes from.

There was another high profile case last week. Cirilo Carrasco was a high ranking official in the (get this) anticorruption prosecutor's office, and he was caught taking $500 to release another prisoner who was being detained.

In talking about the Public Ministry (where both Sáez and Carrasco worked, Ana Matilde Gómez said "I already know there are more officials in this ministry who are less than honest, and sooner or later they are all going down."

Since March of 2005, five different prosecutors have been arrested for different crimes related to corruption.

So, its now obvious the government is now focusing on the Public Ministry. Personally, I applaud these efforts and anything else the government can do to clean up corruption in Panama. Keep it up, guys. It's going to take a long time and a lot of effort. And, the campaign would impress a lot more people if someone with a last name like Balladares, Moscoso, or Spadafora was seen being led away in handcuffs. Busting mid-level chumps is easy, kinda like cherry-picking. But you're really not going to impress anyone until you take down at least one real heavyweight. For us, his name was Nixon. Reagan (Iran-Contra) and Clinton (Monica) got away with it... but at least we tried.


‘Todos los corruptos van a caer’: Gómez Los abogados de Sáez solicitaron que se le conceda una fianza de excarcelación a su cliente.

La fiscal primera superior, Yolanda Austin, realizó una auditoría al despacho de Sáez en La Chorrera.

José Otero, Luego de los dos últimoscasos de corrupción interna descubiertos en el Ministerio Público, la procuradora de la Nación, Ana Matilde Gómez, anunció ayer lunes que hay otras operaciones encubiertas en ejecución y que todos los funcionarios implicados en actos delictivos "van a caer, tarde o temprano".

El sábado pasado el fiscal segundo de Circuito de La Chorrera, Arquímedes Sáez, fue detenido en una operación conjunta con la policía y el Consejo de Seguridad cuando cobraba una coima de 2 mil dólares al padre de una joven detenida por el delito de proxenetismo, para otorgarle una medida cautelar.

Una semana antes, Cirilo Carrasco, oficial mayor de la Fiscalía Primera Anticorrupción, también fue apresado in fraganti cuando recibía unacoima de 500 dólares para favorecer a un detenido con una libertad condicional.

"Yo sé que hay más funcionarios de esta institución en prácticas que no son las más honestas, y tarde o temprano van a caer" recalcó Gómez.

Destacó que contra Sáez había varias denuncias de actuaciones irregulares, pero que no tenían pruebas concretas contra él, por lo que "todo era cuestión de tiempo" para desenmascararlo, añadió.

Hoy, la magistrada del Segundo Tribunal, Elvia Batista, decide si Sáez se mantiene detenido o le concede la fianza. .


. FISCAL NEDELKA DÍAZ Separada de su cargo en marzo de 2005

. FISCAL GIOVANNY OLMOS: Destituido en abril de 2005.

. FISCAL EDWÍN ÁLVAREZ Destituido en junio de 2005.

. FISCAL HUMBERTO COLLADO: Separado del cargo en junio de 2005.

. FISCAL ARQUÍMEDES SÁEZ: Arrestado en agosto de 2005.

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"All Corrupt Officials Are Going Down..." | 2 comments | Create New Account
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"All Corrupt Officials Are Going Down..."
Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, August 31 2005 @ 01:16 pm EDT

I hope they also go after the corruptors...the ones with fancy beachfront lots
bought with money paid to corrupt representatives from the previous admin.,
Shameful what has happened here in Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon...We have
extranjeros with houses on public beach, no title, no concession....they know
who to befriend...

"All Corrupt Officials Are Going Down..."
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, June 01 2006 @ 05:40 pm EDT

Panama corporate shares have been classified as very high risk in all of the worlds Bursetile Exchanges.

In Panamas´Bank Superintendency, entity which regulates Trusts in this country, there is a Complaint filed that involves Gisela Alvarez De Porras, Panamas actual General Director of Revenues.

The complaint is filed by legitimate shareholders who are the founders of a company and who present irrefutable proof of the fraudulent emission of shares of their company in violation of a companies mandate and Panama Law. In irrefutable acts that involve Gisela Alvarez de Porras, Ebrahim Asvat, Guillermo Fors Sosa and Evans Gonzalez in forgeries and simulations of Board of Directors and Assembly of Shareholders meetings in which the shares of the legitemate shareholders are duplicated without their knowledge and diverted to a Trust that Gisela Alvarez De Porras and Guillermo Ford Sosa would control and in Fact did control for two years. Both resigned to the Presidency of this company upon it being sued by the legitemate shareholders.

The Bank Superintendant Mrs. Cardenas refuses to give any information to the Complaintants as to the outcome of their complaint citing the Banking Secret Priviledges. No need to mention she is of the Molirena Political Party, the same as Ford.

A criminal case presented by Evans in which the legitemate shareholders of the company were recklessly sued by Porras when they regained control of their assets, (after she and Ford resigned to the Board) and which resulted in the new and legitimate Board of directors being suspended in the Public Registry without any deposit to garrantee damages on her part, was burned in the April Fools Day fire that destroyed the Maritime Courthouse in Ancon. The case was days from being sentenced in favor of the true shareholders who had proved among other things "Litis Pendence" the Ilegitimacy of Porras to Act as a Complaintant and her use of documents she Evans, Ford and Asvat knew to be falsefied and forged as evidence in the presentation of her complaint against the true shareholders and founders of the company (U.S. Citizens).

A criminal complaint filed by the legitemate shareholders against the acts mencioned. Has not resulted in anyone (Porras, Ford, Asvat or Evans) being asked a single question to explain the anormalities of their acts even though two Forensic Reports (one U.S., one Panama) reafirm forgeries.

In a total reversal of this attitude, the Public Ministry has given expidite and prolonged process to a temerous posterior criminal suit presented by Evans, Asvat, Porras and Ford against the founders of the affected company who have been indicted and given in summary fashion without any merit whatsoever, Country for Jail, being forced to report twice a month and sign in a courthouse without calling them to trial for more than three years.

In the mean time these United States citizens are being harrassed by local delincuents protected by Provincial and Municipal Authorities (who have been seen on site with Ford) and provocked in an organized psicologiical harrasment schenario (Mobbing) in which their propeties are destroyed with violence and arson and they have been beaten severely (three herniated disks) in acts organized by the Provincial Authorities of Cocle and the Municipal Authorities of Anton in the hopes they (U.S. Citizens) will take some action that can be determined as excesive and justify them in simulating the violation of their Probation and jail them indefinately. Corruption and priviledge is authorized, institutionalized and rewarded. There she is, Gisela Alvarez De Porras General Director of Panamas Revenues, managing all of Panamas revenues !!!