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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 02:58 am EDT

"I'll Stay Until The Last Day" - Spadafora

Corruption (La Prensa) Panamanian Supreme Court Justice Winston Spadafora procaimed "I will stay until the last day" in facing recent allegations of corruption and having his Visa for travel to the United States revoked. The judge reiterated that he has not been formally charged with any crime or act of corruption. And according to Panamanian President Martin Torrijos, the problems with the justice system in Panama stem not from individuals but from the country itself. Spadafora requested an explaination from the US Embassy about the cancellation of his visa. Spadafora, through a press release issued yesterday, signaled his recognition of "the right of the government of the United States to unilaterally cancel or revoke the entry visa of whomever it wishes." He added that he has not been accused of any acts of corruption, not has he been judged or sentenced in Panama or in "any other country in the world." Considering that, Spadafora says he is demanding details from the US Embassy surrounding their decision to cancel his visa.

President Torrijos said the problems with justice in Panama is not one of individuals, but of the entire country. According to Torrijos, the problems with justice are Panamanian problems, "and we are the ones who have to find a solution to the judicial crisis," and he reminded listeners that he has promised to improve the justice system.

Ex-Supreme Court Judge Edgardo Molino Mola qualified these events as a "very strong hit" against Spadafora's reputation, and in his opinion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should investigate the case.

For Mercedes Araúz de Grimaldo, the President of the College of Lawyers, it is embarrasing to have a foreign country "throw in our face that which we've known about for a long time.
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