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Friday, August 23 2019 @ 11:03 pm EDT

Spadafora's Request for Details Reaches The US

Corruption Panamanian Supreme Court Justice Winston Spadafora's request for details surrounding the US's decision to cancel his visa to travel to the United States is now in the hands of the US embassy in Panama. Spadafora wants to know why the US pulled his visa, and according to US Embassy Spokesman William Ostick the US holds extensive information detailing Spadafora's connection to corruption and money launderers. The US cited an anti-corruption law when they pulled Spadafora's If the US does have extensive information connecting Spadafora to acts of corruption and money laundering, maybe the US can answer Spadafora's request for information by issuing an indictment for his arrest and issuing a request for extradition to Panama. Welcome to Miami. Meet your bunkmate, Manny...
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