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Friday, August 23 2019 @ 10:18 pm EDT

Judge Dixon Scolds Press

Corruption The newly appointed President of Panama's Supreme Court, Judge Graciela Dixon, blamed the news media for the Panamanian Supreme Court's negative image. At her swearing in ceremony Dixon said there needs to be a "deal" with media outlets to halt the downward slide of the court's image. She basically scolded journalists at the conference, and blamed them for putting judges on trial. She accused a few (unnamed) individuals of using their position to manipulate the press. Editor's Comment: It's interesting to watch Panama go through this transformation, one little baby-step at a time, towards a full-blown democracy. When journalists are given a free hand to write the truth without fear, then it's much harder for corrupt officials of any branch of government to operate. Reporters will sniff out the scandals, payoffs, kickbacks, and nepotism in the judicial system and anywhere else it happens. Unfortunately, the newly annointed President of the Supreme Court of Panama thought it was a good call to stand up at her swearing-in ceremony and basically declare war on the press. Judge, you should know that those who are free from guilt have little to fear from the truth. Don't blame the press, assign guilt instead to those who would use their positions of influence to conduct themselves with impunity. Magistrates should be held to a higher standard if they wish to sit on the bench and judge the rest of us from above. And by the way, down here we think that a corrupt judge is the worst kind of slime-ball.

Dixon se queja de los medios
La funcionaria responsabilizó a los medios de comunicación por la mala imagen de la institución.

Se comprometió encausar a aquellas personas que utilicen su posición para beneficio personal.

LA PRENSA/Jihan Rodríguez

INdependencia. De izquierda a derecha, Elías Castillo, Martín Torrijos, José Troyano y Graciela Dixon en el acto de juramentación de la nueva presidenta de la Corte Suprema. Dixon prometió acabar con los "poderes invisibles" que se ciernen contra la Corte.615818
José Otero
La nueva presidenta de la Corte Suprema Justicia, la magistrada Graciela Dixon, dijo que bajo su administración defenderá la independencia del poder Judicial de los otros dos órganos del Estado y de lo que llamó "poderes invisibles o silenciosos" que buscan someter a la justicia a sus intereses personales.

En su discurso de toma de posesión, Dixon señaló la necesidad de hacer un "trato" con el "poder" de los medios de comunicación social con el fin de evitar que se continúe deteriorando la imagen del Órgano Judicial.

"En esta era de la información, donde el periodismo es ejercido por unos cuantos, se hacen juicios donde el juez pasa a ocupar el banquillo de los acusados", señaló la Magistrada.

Ante esa situación, dijo, se impone la obligación de trabajar para terminar con los males que enfrenta la administración de justicia con el fin de terminar "con la manipulación del periodismo libre".

Dixon también prometió redoblar los esfuerzos para encausar a todos los funcionarios que se aprovechen de su posición para obtener ganancias personales.

Vea Dixon responsabiliza a los medios de la mala imagen de la Corte

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Judge Dixon Scolds Press
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, June 01 2006 @ 04:23 pm EDT

I filed a complaint in february against Nodier Jaramillo Magistrate of the Court of Appeals, for not declaring himself unfit in presiding over an Appeal in a case I had won and in which he suspended the sentence based on unfounded personal speculation on his part. In the complaint I presented unreffutable proof of previous enmity (his signature on a slanderous statement of my person). The complaint hasn´t been admitted yet and he has just received another case in which I appeal. Jaramillo is not declaring himself unfit in this case either and is propcedding to revue it. Do you think this is the Presss´ fault?