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Thursday, September 19 2019 @ 02:09 am EDT

C&W Panama sued for anti-competitive behaviour

Money Matters ClaroCOM, an alternative telecoms operator in Panama, has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against incumbent operator Cable & Wireless Panama, seeking USD135 million compensation for allegedly committing ‘a variety of market abuses and refusing to comply with the established regulations’. ClaroCOM claims that C&W’s behaviour has led to an effective extension of the telco’s monopoly that was supposed to have ended January 2003. ‘C&W Panama has gone to great lengths to dominate its competition by refusing to comply with our interconnection agreement which was signed in 2002, and the clearly established telecommunications regulations of the Republic of Panama which were written to protect the people of Panama and promote investment in this sector,’ ClaroCOM said in a statement. Under Panama anti-trust law C&W is subject to triple damages if it is proven that it abused its power in order to dominate or control what is supposed to be a free market.
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