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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 10:46 PM UTC

Gloria Estefan Presents New Children's Book

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Cuban singer Gloria Estefan presented her new children's book yesterday at the National Library ‘The Magical and Mystical Adventures of a Bulldog Named Noelle" which was launched at the end of last year.  The five-times Grammy winning singer arrived in Panama accompanied by her husband, the musical producer Emilio Estefan, and her Emily daughter, as guests of the  Juan Ramon Poll Foundation.  The artist, who is making her debute as a children's book author with this release, said she is working on a series of three stories that she will publish next November.

Gloria Estefan, la escritora
LA PRENSA/Eric Batista

La cantante cubana Gloria Estefan presentó ayer en la Biblioteca Nacional su libro infantil ‘Las mágicas y misteriosas aventuras de una bulldog llamada Noelle’, el cual fue lanzado a fines del año pasado. La cinco veces ganadora del premio Grammy llegó al país acompañada de su esposo, el productor musical Emilio Estefan, y su hija Emily, como invitada de la Fundación Juan Ramón Poll.

La artista, que se estrenó como escritora infantil con este libro, dijo que trabaja en una serie de tres cuentos que publicará en noviembre próximo.
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Gloria Estefan Presents New Children's Book
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, July 27 2009 @ 10:16 PM UTC

Oh my God Goria,if you only know Goly Poll as my familiy did in Cuba. My father Agustin Serrano and his bother Manolo Serrano and Goly Poll grew up together in Santiago Cuba. Goly Poll the God father to my sister and a trusted friend destroyed my family. Monolo Serrano and my father Augustin Serrano owned a store El Machetazo in Tunas when Castro came to power. We lost everything to Castro, but they hid over a 100,000 dollars U.S. from Castro. Goly Poll,Monolo Serrano and my father Agustin Serrano pooled their money together and smuggled it out throw the U.S. base at Guantanamo were Goly's bother worked and had set up a account.
We immigrated to Spain in late 1965.It took my father Agustin Serrano 6 months to save enough money to get my family here to the U.S. He was so excited to start a new business like he and his bother had back in Cuba. Only to find out Goly Poll had stolen all the money in the account and started his own business El Machetazo in Panama. We spent 3 months in Maimi living at Clifton motel while my father tried,pleaded and begged Goly's bother to return his money. Not a dime was returned.We ended up in Chicago were my father worked in a factory till he had a nerves brake down and was hospitalized in 1969 feeling that he failed his family. To make matter worse Goly's wife Vilma came to Chicago to see him. What for i don't know,i was only 8 years old and did not understand what was going on at the time.
My father was never the same and spent his last days working a Flea-market stand in Opalaca Florida.
The Juan Ramon Foundation is the way the Poll family cleans there conscious of all the people they destroyed. From Alejandro Serrano his son .
P.S. Show this to Vilmita she was at the Hialeah Hospital to see him on his death bed. That were he opened up to me and gave me the details of his failed dream and begged me for forgiveness.