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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 01:57 pm EDT

Photography Contest - 2006

Photos & PicturesWe're ready to announce some details for the 2006 Panama Guide Photography Contest. The main purpose for this contest is to showcase images of Panama, so that people who are interested in learning more about the country can have the opportunity to view photos taken by a wide variety of photographers from all over the country. Professional photographers are certainly welcome to participate, and the contest is open to everyone. I learned some lesson from the contests from last year, so this time I'm going to do things a little differently and maybe the process will be a little smoother. There were some bugs in the Coppermine Imagery Gallery program, but I think I have those worked out. See below for additional information and details about the contest. "Little Girl" by Dino Barkema: Dino won last year with this amazing photo, "Little Girl." If you don't know who Dino is or have not visited his website, you really should. Dino has a collection of hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures of Panama posted on his website at So, with all of that experience and material, Dino was a favorite to win going in and is now the defending champ from 2005. There were more than 200 photos submitted last year, and they can be viewed in the July and September photo albums. There are some real gems in there, some fantastic images of people, places, landscapes, animals, and events from all over the country. The best part is that most of the pictures were taken by average people who were exploring Panama with a digital camera in hand. People picked out there best shots and sent them in to share with everyone else. The end result was a fantastic collection of great images for everyone to see.

Contest Sponsors: The the Coronado Beach Resort (link) is sponsoring the photo contest with prizes for the first, second, and third place winners. Last year I dropped the ball. The sponsor was supposed to be the Avalon Grand, but they fell apart at the last minute. I'm also going to try to secure sponsorship from others to enhance the prize package, but for right now Coronado has committed to supporting this effort. And, they also took care of Dino for last year's contest, which was exceptionally nice of them to do, and it covered my flub.

Contest Rules: This is a relatively informal contest, and the idea is to keep it light and fun. But I did learn a few things from the last couple of attempts, so I have to establish a couple of groundrules.

  • Send Photos to This will help me sort and keep track of who sent in what when.

  • Please Submit Only One Photo Per Email: In the subject line please put "Panama Guide Photo Contest Submission". Last year people would send me one email with fifty pictures attached. Kinda turned into chaos.

  • There's a Limit of Three Submissions per Email Address: I am going to open two new albums in the gallery, one for the photo contest, and one for any other photos of Panama you would like to share with the world. I heartily invite you to send me all of your pictures of Panama, and I will put them up in the galleries. But please pick just the best two or three to be considered for the contest. Last year I got pictures of kids eating hotdogs (or whatever) and while I love to see pictures of your kids, these were just travel-snaps and not really photo-contest quality. If you want to send me your travel pictures of Panama (please do) send them to with "Panama Travel Pictures" in the subject line. That way I will be able to know which photos are for the contest, and which are just to share...

  • Photo Dimensions: Submissions can be any size, but smaller sized files very often don't do "justice" to the subject. Photos should be at least 400 x 600 pixels to display well in the gallery program.

  • File Size: Photos eat up a bunch of disk space, so please keep the overall file size down to about 1 MB or less for each picture.

  • File Types (Extensions): Please send in .jpg or .gif extensions only please. .bmp or other file extensions unique to some photo handling programs will not be accepted. You can usually just "save as" to find the option for .jpg or .gif

  • Photo Information:If you can, please send (in the email) details about the image, where and when it was taken, who's in the image, as well as camera, lens, and exposure information. If you don't know about any of that stuff, don't worry about it. This is not a requirement, but rather a request. Sometimes having a little background information about an image makes it much more interesting.

  • Only Submit Your Own Work: Last year someone sent be a picture they had pulled off the web. They got confused between pictures they had taken themselves of the same area and pictures they saved on their computer before making the trip down. Please be sure to submit only those photos you've taken yourself.

  • Judging: The voting thing didn't work well last time. Everyone wanted to look at the pictures, but no one wanted to take the time or effort to vote, and the gallery program made voting difficult. So this year I am going to assemble a panel of blue-ribbon judges to select the winners.

  • Questions?: If you have any questions regarding the photo contest, please submit them in the form of a comment to this article. Thanks.
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Photography Contest - 2006
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