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Friday, September 20 2019 @ 03:08 pm EDT

Luzdecor - Quality Lighting

Construction & Interiors Luzdecor of Panama is one of the largest lighting companies in Panama City. Located on Calle 50, we have a wide selection of all kinds of lighting fixtures. Our lighting design experts can help you pick and choose the right solution for your needs. We have all available technologies and can find the right mix of solutions for any space or situation. We import and export lighting fixtures through the Colon Free Trade zone, and can provide any level of quality merchandise; high-end one of a kind pieces, to large volume solutions for construction projects. We also specialize in technical and colorized lighting. New lighting fixtures arrive continuously. Modern Italian fixtures are available as well as classic Crystal chandeliers. Wall sconces and flush mounted ceiling fixtures are plentiful in addition to a full line of bathroom vanity fixtures. Tiffany table lamps are a very popular solution for hard to decorate areas. (more)

Energy Efficient LED Lamps and Bulbs: Luzdecor now has a huge variety of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps and light bulbs that are extremely energy efficient and long lasting. These LED lamps can reduce your electricity bills by up to 96% and last upwards of 15 years.

The latest LED's to arrive are the 5 Watt candelabra based (E12) torpedo shaped light bulbs that are quite attractive that can replace the 40 watt incandescent light bulbs that are constantly burning out in the worst possible times.

In addition, Luzdecor has a small soft white globe lamp that only consumes 5 watts that easily gives off the same amount of light as a standard 40 watt incandescent general use light bulb.

Also, there is now available LED that replaces compact fluorescents for the horizontal downlights. These come in 6 & 8 watt versions and are available in three color temperatures, warm, cool, & daylight.

The biggest saving in LED comes in the MR-16 Halogen replacement lamps. You know, the ubiquitous super-hot spotlights, The iconic spotlight we are all familiar with are normally 50 watt halogens that only last around 10-12 months. Now Luzdecor has several options to lower the electricity bills, keep the area cooler and reduce the replacements of these lamps. There is one 5 watt option in particular that looks exactly like the 50 watt halogen except that it will last over 30000 hours, not emit any heat, and at 5 watts, is 90% more efficient.

Established in Colon Free Trade Zone: One of Luzdecor's biggest advantages is that our company has been established as a major importer and reseller of wholesale lighting products in the Colon Free Trade Zone for many years. By being in this position we are able to make high quality and high value merchandise available to our retail customers in Panama City and throughout the Republic. We do both high volume wholesale international business as well as lower volume local retail business through our storefront on Calle 50 in Panama City.

Commercial Customers: We also attend to the lighting needs of commercial customers. We provide fixtures and solutions for large commercial shopping centers as well as lighting for new high rise apartment buildings. The idea here is the same - our retail customers benefit from the synergy of our relationships with our higher volume commercial customers, and they realize greater value through increased quality of product for a lower cost.

Specialty Replacement Bulbs: Not only does Luzdecor have a very wide assortment of lighting fixtures it has one of the most varied selections of replacement light bulbs in stock. It would be very difficult not to be able to find a replacement light bulb in Luzdecor. Generally if a light bulb can’t be found in Luzdecor then the owner will find the needed unit and provide a special order estimate within 48 hours.

Good Advice and Support: Luzdecor has many ties to other New Home/Remodeling contractors that may be of assistance in a move or remodeling project in Panama. Whether it be quality and reliable contractors for Air Conditioning, Sheet Rock Artisans, Flooring Experts, to Internet Service Providers; Luzdecor can assist in helping you find the additional help you may need to make your move as seamless as possible.

Please stop by and see what we have to offer. Visitors are always welcome. Call first for directions if necessary.

Considering the high cost of electricity here in Panama, Luzdecor maintains a wide selection of energy saving light bulbs, transformers, & dimmers. Quick, easy and efficient energy & cost saving light bulbs that are generally in stock year round are the ubiquitous compact fluorescent screw in replacement light bulbs ranging between 7 watts (35 Watt equivalent) all the way up to 105 watt ( Commercial 250-300 watt warehouse lighting equivalent).

We also now have available at very reasonable prices the latest in LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting technologies. Six vibrant colors are available in the LED line, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Bright White, & Warm White. Specifically designed to replace the typical 50 watt halogen “spotlight,” LED lamps are available in 12 Volt bi-pin base (G5.3), 120 Volt bi-pin base (G5.3) and a standard medium base (E27). These LED replacements only use two (2) watts of electricity and normally last more than 50,000 hours.

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  • Store Location: Luzdecor is located in Panama City on Calle 50, just past McDonald's on the right-hand side.

  • Telephone: +011 (507) 270-7412

  • Panama Fax: +011 (507) 270-7414

  • USA Fax Number: (772) 325-6405

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