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Wednesday, April 24 2019 @ 08:04 PM UTC

Man enters Survivor 1,000 times (South Africa)

Entertainment Johannesburg - Even sending in 1 000 entry forms does not mean that just anyone can survive the sifting process for the South African Survivor series. Pierre van Niekerk, 49, a dancing instructor in Rietfontein, Pretoria, believes so fervently that his enthusiasm will come to the attention of the organisers that he has already started practising to become a hot shot with a catapult. Van Niekerk is one of thousands of people who have entered for this popular series and, on Saturday morning, handed in no fewer than 1 000 entries at the MNet head office in Randburg. "The girl behind the counter was absolutely astounded," said Van Niekerk on Sunday. Has started practising already. "I simply did this to draw attention and I think it is everybody's dream to take part in this series." Van Niekerk is adamant that he will not only be one of the contestants, but also will be the winner. "I have already started practising. I'm honing my skills at catapult shooting and I'm doing my best with a bow and arrow. Van Niekerk said on his entry form that the only thing he would take with him to a desolate island would be his mother-in-law because, with her supporting him, nobody would dare oppose him. The selection process started on Sunday and entrants will start hearing from the panel this week whether they have been invited for an interview. The series will be filmed in Panama early in June and will be on MNet early in September during open time.,,2-1225-1242_1924798,00.html

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