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Wednesday, April 24 2019 @ 08:07 PM UTC

Corruption Complaint to be Filed Against Aleman

Corruption Lic. Javier Enrique Justiniani, who runs the Foundation "Help for Detained Prisoners," plans to file a formal complaint with Panama's Attorney General Ana Matilde Gomez tomorrow against the ex-Minister of Government and Justice Hector Aleman for corruption and abuse of public office. He has not filed his complaint yet, and plans to do so tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 pm. Now, I know that Justiniani is basically a political operative of Ricardo Martinelli's Cambio Democratico political party, and there's not doubt that his action is politically motivated. As a matter of fact, if you call Javier's foundation, the secretary answers the phone "Cambio Democratico..." Javier has gotten hold of some information that, if true, could prove to be damaging to Hector Aleman. Let me say right up front that I do not have any independent verification of what Justiniani is alleging, and I don't know if any of this is true or not. Also, the timing is cute, considering that Aleman just left his Minister's position last week, and was bumped up to manage the expansion of the canal. This is a fairly tangled web, so try to follow along...

First of all, Hector Aleman is a representative in Panama's National Assembly. All of the representatives have two alternates or deputies who fill in for them when they can't be present in the assembly for votes. In the case of Hector Aleman, his first deputy is Marina Caicedo Cedeño de Laguna.

Lilia Cedeño de Zambrano is a civil employee in the National Assembly, and is a family member of Marina Caicedo Cedeño de Laguna.

When Hector Aleman was the Minister of Government and Justice, the government of Panama awarded a contract valued at $380,419 to provide food to the 612 prisoners that are being held in the public jail in La Chorrera. The company that won this contract was DISTRIBUIDORA DE ALIMENTOS LIZ, owned by Lilia Cedeño de Zambrano (the civil employee of the National Assembly and family member of Hector Aleman's deputy.)

According to the contract, the company DISTRIBUIDORA DE ALIMENTOS LIZ was supposed to provide three meals a day to all 612 prisoners in the public jail in La Chorrera. If you do the math, that means the government of Panama was spending $1.70 per day per prisoner to feed them for the year. That's not a lot of money, but so far so good...

But, the company DISTRIBUIDORA DE ALIMENTOS LIZ then sub-contracted to another company called "Fonda La Macaraqueña" to provide the food service to the prisoners. This sub-contract was let for $195,350, which means that only $.87 cents, or 51% of the money spent by the Panamanian government was being spent on the prisoners. DISTRIBUIDORA DE ALIMENTOS LIZ made a profit of $185,068 for doing basically nothing.

What's more, the company "Fonda La Macaraqueña" is owned by Chinto Cedeño, who happens to be Lilia Cedeño de Zambrano's brother. And I'm sure Cedeño is taking a profit out of his $195,350 as well, so even less money is going to feed the 612 prisoners in La Chorrera.

Apparently, none of this is illegal. According to another source, this kind of thing happens "all the time." There are no controls over this kind of thing, and it's a relatively common practice to win a contract and then sub-contract it out to someone else to actually do the work.

So, according to Javier Justiniani, his plan is to file this complaint and then begin to investigate all of the contracts that were let under the administration of Hector Aleman, to feed all of the 11,000+ prisoners that are being held in Panama. Javier describes this action as the "tip of the iceberg" and expects to find more of the same kind of sweetheart deals established by Hector Aleman during his tenure.

What would be illegal is if Justiniani or the Public Ministry could eventually prove that Hector Aleman received kick-back money from these contracts. That would be illegal, and on the face of things, the owners of the companies are closely related and tight with one-another.

But the political reality is quite different. Hector Aleman is one of President Martin Torrijos' closest political allies, and was recently promoted to help manage the canal expansion effort. And, Justiniani is obviously trying to do political damage to Aleman with these claims.

In any case, the Foundation in Defense of Prisoners will present a formal complaint to Ana Matilde Gomez, the Attorney General of Panama, for corruption and abuse of public position (corruption) against National Assemblyman and ex-Minister of Government and Justice Hector Aleman tomorrow at 2:00 pm. There will be more to this story as it develops.

El Ministro de Gobierno y Justicia Hector Aleman pareciera que se justifica en los planes del Gobierno Nacional de lograr la ampliación del Canal de Panamá no obstante la Fundación para APoyo al Detenido ha logrado información de la posibilidad de un negociado espeluznante por parte de funcionarios de la Asamblea Legislativa, del Departamento de Compras de Gobierno y Justicia y de allegados al Ex Ministro.

Para iniciar les detatallamos de una posible negociación dada en manera de concesión a la empresa DISTRIBUIDORA DE ALIMENTOS LIZ; de propiedad de Lilia Cedeño de Zambrano Funcionaria de la Asamblea Nacional, y pariente de la Diputada Suplente de Hector Aleman Marina Caicedo Cedeño de Laguna.

La concesión dada a esta empresa fue para el periodo 2005-2006 de $380,419.20 a razón de $1.85 diarios para suministrar alimentos a los internos de la Cárcel Pública de Chorrera los tres golpes diarios; pero esta empresa Sub Contrato a la Fonda La Macaraqueña de propiedad de Chinto Cedeño hermano de la Sra. Lilia Cedeño por la suma de $195,350.40 anuales a razòn de $0.90 diarios; la ganancia estimada por esta operación genera dividendos anuales de $185,068.80 que la pregunta es ¿ De este círculo mafioso a quién beneficia y cuanto?

Este lunes nuestra Fundación realizara una visita a la Cárcel de Chorrera para verificar la calidad de los alimentos que le otorgan a los internos, desde las 7:00 de la mañana estaremos en los predios de esta carcel y a las 2:00 de la tarde presentaremos a la Procuradora General de la Nación una denuncia por Corrupción y delito contra la administración pública contra el Diputado HECTOR ALEMAN.
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