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Friday, September 20 2019 @ 03:08 pm EDT

Cargo Ship Left With Gaping Hole After Slamming Into Seawall

Photos & Pictures MIAMI -- A 300-foot cargo ship was badly damaged Monday when it slammed into a seawall leaving the Miami River on its way out to sea. The ship the Hybur Star, registered in Panama but owned by a company based on the Miami River, was left with a gaping hole in hits hull. No one on board the ship was injured. Crewmembers were able to shut down the ship's compartment hatches to prevent the ship from sinking, but the freighter did take on some water. The Coast Guard said the ship's bulkhead was designed to withstand just this type of collision. Coast Guard crewmembers and port officials were evaluating the damage, and Atlantis Marine Towing Company was on scene to assist. Officials said that it is likely that the company that owns the ship will have to offload its cargo of frozen chickens onto another ship. The ship was bound for Haiti when the accident happened.
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