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Sunday, June 16 2019 @ 11:14 AM UTC

Nationwide Transportation Strike on 15 May

Protests & Demonstrations Transportation unions announced this afternoon that they would go on strike starting at midnight, 12:01 am, on 15 May (Monday) due to the increasing price of fuel and their belief that the national government is not doing enough to keep fuel prices down. Gas went up again today all across the country. More than $.40 cents of every gallon goes to taxes. The transportation workers are literally between a rock and a hard place because the fairs they can charge are controlled and regulated by the government. As fuel prices increase, they can not pass their increased operating costs on to the consumers. Usually, the transportation sector simply threatens to strike and that's enough to prod the government into doing something about whatever issue they are *censored*ing about. The transportation union can shut down this country at will. They know it, and so does the government, and they tend to exercise their power with restraint, especially against the PRD.
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