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Wednesday, April 24 2019 @ 08:43 PM UTC

Visiting Panama Nov-April?

Travel & TourismThanks Don for writing on Imagery/Ruben Chan ( My wife had the opportunity, in Feb 06 of going to one of his sessions. Here are her comments: "Mr. Winner explained the session and benefits very well. I have to admit I was reluctant at first - as I am not (or I thought I wasn't) into new age mumble-jumble. But Mr. Chan (I was at his place ordering several beautiful orchid arrangments) saw that I was 'frazzled' and needed a stiff drink, a good drug or a session with him. I decided to go for the session - what did I have to lose? IT WAS GREAT! So relaxing. I could give you a blow-by-blow description, but every session goes a bit differently. AND so much healthier than a drink or a drug! What is incredible is that he showed me, thru his expert guidance how I was really in control of the way I was feeling and I had it within myself to fix it. I have tried to do it on my own, but doesn't work. I need that soothing and expert voice of Mr. Chan's to get it done right. I arrived at his orchid shop stressed! I left feeling refreshed, a sense of 'all okay and will be okay' AND it felt like I had slept 10 hours! and I was less than an hour with him.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. What do you have to lose? I arrived back home (USA) and tried to find someone in our area that would do this; unfortunately, we are not that sophisticated yet - so I will have to wait for our next winter trip back to Panama!

I have nothing to do with Mr. Chan's orchid business or his imagery sessions. I just am a 'believer' who plans to do this on a regular basis when I next return to Panama for an extended stay.

P.S> After returning to the USA, I recommended to my sister that she go (she lives fulltime in Panama). After lots of prodding, she finally gave in and went (to get me off her back, I believe). She couldn't speak more highly of the whole experience and wondered why she hadn't done it before!
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