An Update from Bruce Quinn

Saturday, May 20 2006 @ 06:45 PM EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

I continue to be wrapped up in theatrical projects here in PTY with LA EXTRAÑA PAREJA / THE ODD COUPLE by Neil Simon doing very well at the Teatro La Quadra right across the street from the CORTIJO & SIETE MARES restaurants in El Cangrejo. The show is in Spanish and we're running through June 4. The GREAT news is that we have been invited to Venezuela to perform in the Teatro Maria Teresa Corriño which is Venezuela's National Theater. This is really a compliment to theater in general here in PTY for any group to be invited outside of the country to show our stuff. we'll be performing in Caracas for two evenings June 30 & July 1, 2006. Another developing story is that three young Panamanian chanteuses are at this time in Buenos Aires competing in the Latin American version of The AMERICAN IDOL. The organization has held auditions in four LA capitals including Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, and now Argentina. 6,000 aspirants auditioned in each of the capitals and now they have been whittled down to 25 finalists in each capital...except BA where the auditions are being held. Our ladies, Janelle Davidson, Priscilla Moreno, and Ingrid Icaza Garcia de Paredes all have passed the first audition and their second hurdle is this Monday. It would be nice if your readers could... say a little prayer ...for them as Dionne Warwick used to sing. Thanks for letting me bend your ear. Keep up the good work. Bruce Quinn Theatrical Director

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