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Wednesday, April 24 2019 @ 08:17 PM UTC

Goodbye Costa Rica, Hello Panama

Immigration Issues For years Costa Rica was a mecca for retirees in search of warmer temperatures, cheap beachfront property, and a slice of tropical paradise. Yesterday a Panamanian immigration official said the 15,000 foreigners have recently moved from Costa Rica to Panama for several reasons, but most importantly Costa Rica changed their tax structure to try to make some more money off of the retirees. As one person recently stated on the Americans in Panama Yahoo! group, "I would not recommend Costa Rica! We lived there for 5 years before we said "enough" and moved to Panama. CR is unsafe, dirty, and very expensive. We are in the process of working with 6 other expats who have already moved to Panama or are working out the final arrangements to move. "Viva Panama" Many people cite safety, security, and a higher relative level of crime in Costa Rica compared to Panama as a primary reason for making the decision to move here.
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