El Rincon Aleman - Just In Time for the World Cup

Sunday, June 11 2006 @ 09:18 am EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

Chef Willy Diggelmann presents his 5 Restaurants in Panama: the 1985 with French cuisine, the Rincon Suizo with Swiss Specialties, the Caffè Pomodoro with Italian Dishes, The Wine Bar with its extensive selection of wine and gourmet choices, and the recently opened The Wine Bar - Amador, where you can enjoy selections from a world-class wine list and spectacular views of Panama City's skyline. Willy's newest restaruant, just in time for the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany is the Rincon Aleman, serving the best of German cuisine.

The Rincon Aleman: A taste of Germany in Panama, is located in Bella Vista next to the Hotel Tower Suites on Calle 51. From Via Espana turn left at the "Arrocha" sign and continue straight up, and then down the hill. Turn right onto 51st street in front of the Bristol Hotel. The Rincon Aleman is half-way up the block on the left.

Calle 51 in Bella Vista, Next to the Hotel Tower Suites

Look for the Small Yellow German Mountain House

Willy and Fritze Schmutte opened the Rincon Aleman in March of 2006 and have put on all of the finishing touches.

Cozy Dining Room

Ptoto Caption

Darts and Gameroom: A good place to find a game of darts or cards.


The Bar:Operations manager Harold Molina ensures everything runs smoothly and Ana Gabriela serves them up with a smile.

Ana Gabriela Brenes and Harold Molina

World-Cup Fever

The Rincon Aleman has all kinds of secials going on for the FIFA World Cup. For example they have imported a special order of "Weisswurst" (white sausage) named for its pale color before it is browned. This is a traditional sausage from Munich and is the basis of a traditional German breakfast. For the authentic experience, enjoy it with mild mustard, pretzels, radishes and a stein of beer. They will be serving "Weisswurst" German breakfast (with the beer) and a free mug of Warsteiner every time Germany scores a goal. During the final game they will raffle off an authentic FIFA World Cup gameball from Adidas. So, if you're looking for a place to catch the games, try the Rincon Aleman in Bella Vista and get an authentic "taste of Germany." No one does it better.

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