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Saturday, February 23 2019 @ 11:12 AM UTC

The Balboa Avenue Sea Wall

Photos & Pictures Every once in awhile the Pacific high tide converges with an offshore storm, producing some interesting wave action against the sea wall on Avenue Balboa. This only happens maybe ten times a year so it's relatively uncommon. This morning at 8:54 am the Pacific ocean was at a 15.5 high tide ( That's really not an exceptionally high tide, but there's a large storm brewing in the Pacific off of the coast of the Azuero penninsula near Pedasi. The storm is almost 50 miles wide and is moving west with the intertropical convergence zone but is still churning things up. Photos below...

Notice how wide this storm is. It's as big as the Azuero penninsula is wide, about 50 miles.

These two guys are from France and have been in town for a couple of days, looking at real estate. They were walking down Balboa Avenue towards me and were wondering what I was flapping my arms about until the water hit the wall. If the wind was blowing in from the sea when this wave hit about 5,000 gallons of water would have hammered these guys (and it would have been a different picture...)

In this shot you can see the sand in the street that's been blown over the seawall by the wave action.

The lighing was right to get this digitally enhanced shot of the Miramar towers and hotel.

All pictures by Donald Winner. If you want to use them go ahead, just please include a link-back to

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