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Futuro Forestal - Balancing Nature and Business

Teak & Reforestation Futuro Forestal is a private German-Panamanian Reforestation and Forest Services Company that has spent the last 11 years developing and refining an innovative investment model based on ecologically and socially sustainable reforestation in the tropics. Futuro Forestal offers investors the chance to own a forest that produces high yield, fine tropical hardwoods. The sale of the wood, seeds, as well as carbon credits enables the savvy investor to make a substantial profit while contributing to a socially and environmentally sustainable project. Investors receive fully titled land, planted with up to seven species of valuable tropical hardwoods, AND the forestry services of Futuro Forestal for 25 years. Profits of 6-11% IRR can be obtained on a 25 year term. Futuro Forestal was founded in 1994 by German geographer Andreas Eke and his Panamanian wife Iliana Armién, forest engineer. Futuro Forestal has successfully reforested over 700 hectares of pasture land in Panama’s Chiriqui and Veraguas Provinces. The areas selected for reforestation were originally covered by forests, and have since been deforested and used for agriculture and subsequently for cattle ranching during the last decades. The multi-species approach of Futuro Forestal promotes biodiversity by planting six native forest tree species with high commercial value plus Teak and up to 50 other native species forest trees with less commercial value, which increase ecosystem stability and habitat biodiversity.

About the Investment “WoodStockInvest”: For the purchase price of $24,990, investors are given full title to one hectare (approx 2.5 acres) of reforested land. The land, chosen for its high quality soil, climatic, and topographic characteristics, is planted with up to six high value native species plus teak. Futuro Forestal then undertakes management of the forest for 25 years. Management includes the application of organic fertilizers, silvicultural management (pruning, removal of competing trees, etc), and continual monitoring by forest engineers. Fire insurance is provided for the first five vulnerable years. Additionally, Futuro Forestal maintains 5 % of its reforestation surface as collateral insurance plots. Profits come from the sale of high quality FSC certified timber, sale of carbon credits, and sale of seeds. The first cash flow can be realized in the 10th year, with the majority of profits being realized in the 25th year. The land belongs to investors and can be passed on to next generations for further reforestation if desired. Own a forest, earn a profit, offset your carbon emissions, contribute to sustainable development in Panama! Forestland investments have long been part of the savy investor’s diverse portfolio. Now is your chance!

About the Reforestation Visa Investment: The Reforestation Visa enables those who invest a minimum of $40,000 in reforestation to receive permanent residency in Panama! For the investment of $40,000, Futuro Forestal’s Reforestation Visa Package gives investors legal title to 5 acres (approx. 2 hectares) of reforested land, managed according to the same standards of their core product WoodStockInvest. For more information visit

Andreas Eke, General Manager of Futuro Forestal

“Satisfying strict quality standards in forestry management is a priority objective of Futuro Forestal. We cooperate continually and successfully with scientific universities and institutions such as the National University of Panama, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale. This is how we guarantee the implementation of the strictest forestry standards and the latest scientific knowledge.”

More Than Just Teak: Futuro Forestal offers a portfolio of seven different species of fine tropical timber, including Teak (Tectona grandis) and a set of 6 native species: Amarillo (Terminalia amazónia), Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), Spiny Cedar (Bombacopsis quinatum), Zapatero (Hyeronima alchorneoides), Almendro (Dipterix panamensis) and Rosewood. Futuro Forestal combines the advantages of a plantation (high profits) with the major characteristics of a primary forest (biodiversity and a stable ecosystem).

Iliana Armién, Forestry Engineer

The product “WoodStockInvest” offers assets and long term stability. Investors buy the lands that the company reforests with tropical fine hardwood trees. The company also provides intensive commercial, forestry and administrative management to guarantee optimal harvests and the best trade in global markets. Therefore, even under a moderate scenario, profits of up to 11 percent (IRR) can be obtained through lumber sales, carbon credits and certified seeds. But each situation is different. Each soil and each person’s objectives are different, so we can only speak for our investors. If someone wants to reforest a wasteland, good advice is needed.

Futuro Forestal believes it is possible to establish and maintain an equilibrium between nature conservation and the forestry business. Until now, most plantations have used a mono-culture approach, limiting the environmental benefits multi-species plantations have on their local environment. Futuro Forestal’s system is based on a combination of high productivity and biodiversity. Futuro Forestal’s reforestation fields are not typical tropical plantations; their dynamics are similar to those of natural forests with varied species. Many parts of their plantations are left for regeneration and protection purposes only. In addition to the seven species planted for production, Futuro Forestal and PRORENA, the native species research project of Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, plant 50 native species in less intensively used sections of the plantations.

Quality Standards and Certification: The accomplishment of strong quality criteria in all forest operations is the main objective of Futuro Forestal. To guarantee highest quality, Futuro Forestal contracts external and independent agencies to evaluate the operations:

  • FSC-Certification: Futuro Forestal's plantations (543 ha) are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. In many forests around the world, logging still contributes to habitat destruction, water pollution, displacement of indigenous peoples, and violence against people who work in the forest and the wildlife that dwells there. Many consumers of wood and paper, and many forest products companies believe that the link between logging and these negative impacts can be broken, and that forests can be managed and protected at the same time. Forest Stewardship Council certification is one way to improve the practice of forestry. SmartWood was the world's first independent forestry certifier. Established in 1989, they pioneered the concept of forest and forest-products certification, which has since taken hold around the world. Today, SmartWood is the world’s leading nonprofit forestry certifier. Through independent auditing, certification and the promotion of certified forest products, SmartWood's purpose is to improve forest management by providing economic incentives to businesses that practice responsible forestry. Smartwood evaluates and certifies the quality and responsible management of the Futuro Forestal forest operation every year. Smartwood is the certification program of the Rainforest Alliance, USA. Every five years Futuro Forestal has to be recertified (Certificate SW-FM/COC-037).

  • Sistemas de Circulación Ecológica (SICIREC): Futuro Forestal has been voted by the independent rating agency SICIREC in 2004 and 2005 for its innovative approach “Best Forest Investment in Latin America.” SICIREC also frequently evaluates the quality of Futuro Forestal's forestry operations and the economical soundness of our approach. SICIREC is short for Sistemas de Circulación Ecológica which means Ecological Cyclic Systems, a reference to the cyclic processes in nature and society in which people and companies are embedded. At Futuro Forestal we recognize and understand that these processes are inter-dependent. Ignoring these processes and damaging the ecology ultimately damages ourselves and our own habitat. SICIREC contributes to the dynamic integration of these processes within our society. SICIREC has been Europe's foremost representative of investors in teakwood plantations for more than ten years. They are a non-profit organization which operates financially independent of any plantations or other organizations offering investments in the teakwood business. SICIREC represents more than 500 investors in hardwood plantations who own more than 300 hectares of teakwood in total.

  • Panama's National Environmental Authority (ANAM): The Panamanian Environmental Authority ANAM frequently inspects Futuro Forestal's operations and closely examines each investor's plot and inscribes them into the forestry register of the Republic of Panama. ANAM said about Futuro Forestal "The sustainable management and methods of the company are unique in Panama and we are pleased to see the diversity of fauna and flora which we found during our regular site inspections. Unlike traditional reforestation companies which emphasize mainly monoculture plaintations, Futuro Forestal respects the existing conditions we have in Panama, creates biodiversity and contributes to the creation of habitat for our country's animals. Also it is good for us to see the social impact Futuro Forestal has on the region of Las Lajas, Chiriqui, Republic of Panama."

Metafore Innovation Award 2006: On 16th May 2006 Metafore recognized Futuro Forestal’s outstanding innovations and improved environmental, social and financial results in Portland, Oregon with the presentation of their first annual Innovation Award. "It was presented to General Managers Iliana Armien and Andreas Eke at the Awards ceremony on May 5th during Metafore’s Forest Leadership Forum. The Award recognises product and service innovations that demonstrate improved environmental, social and financial results. Metafore collaborates with leaders in business and society including USAID, WWF, and Bank of America, among others. Futuro Forestal won the Grand Prize in the Service Category for WoodStockInvest, the company’s forest investment product which enables international investors to own a forest with secure title, invest in a high-yield product and contribute to social and ecological development. Metafore President and CEO David Ford pointed out: “All of the organizations recognized in our awards are change agents, and their innovations serve as guideposts for others.”

Andreas Eke, general manager of Futuro Forestal, said: “After many years of hard work we are very proud to receive this award in a moment where we enter a new era of the company. The prize is a further step towards our vision to change the face of forestry in the tropics and offer creative and safe forest investment products and alternatives to monoculture. We thank our team and all our investors who help us in making this come true.”

Reforestation Visa Reinstated: Investment in Reforestation and Permanent Residency in Panama. After more than a year of waiting time, we are happy to announce you that the Reforestation Visa, which enables foreign investors permanent residency in Panama upon investing minimum $US 40 000 in reforestation, has been re-established on May 2nd 2006. We will be offering special immigration packages on this site from May 8th onwards, in the meantime please contact our team for further questions or use our contact form: Email:

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