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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 03:38 pm EDT

Where's There's Smoke...

Photos & Pictures I was driving around this morning and noticed a big column of black smoke rising from the area of Chorillo. Where there's smoke there's usually fire so I headed over there. Sure enough, someone had set fire to a large pile of truck tires probably just to get rid of them rather than having to pay to haul them to the dump. The fire was at the end of Ave. De las Poetas in Chorillo right down by the water. The fire department showed up a few minutes after I did and hosed down the trash fire. No big deal, but since I got the pictures I might as well put them up. Salud...
About 100 tires or so, going full speed

Most of the fire equipment in Panama is getting old

The "lean," using your body weight against the hose pressure.

Ever heard of a "hook and ladder" company? Pulling apart the pile to get at hot spots.

Some jobs are hotter than others.

Trash fire's out. What's next...?
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