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Wednesday, September 18 2019 @ 10:09 pm EDT

Mystik - Large Club, Nightlife, Partying, Events, Concerts

Nightlife, Bars, and Partying Mystic is currently hot. This is the club that's in front of Crepes & Waffles in Marbella. This venue has changed names so many times its hard to keep up. In Panama the party crowd is very trendy and they migrate from one club to another. Club owners know they periodically have to shut down, redecorate, and change the name to keep things fresh. No one does this more often that the owners of "Mystik," the most recent re-birth of this building which has been used as a club/bar for at least twenty years. Anyway, it's working and now Mystik is out there with a fresh coat of lipstick and a ladies night special. Now the hot-spot for Wednesday nights (since Wasabi got shut down) and always good on the weekends. This is a medium sized club that's full to the rafters at about 750. Lights and sound are good. Currently popular.

Who needs Miss Universe, Hawaiian Tropic, or whatever. The most beautiful women in the world are in Panama, and they go to Mystik on ladies night. Then they go to to see their picture the next day. For the chicks it's a sport to see how great you looked.

La discoteca mytstic es una de las discotecas preferidas por la gente en panama, gracias a su exelentes instalaciones muy buena musica , artistas invitados y gran variedad de bebidas. Esta ubicada en el area de bellavista al frente de Crepes and Waffles de esta zona.

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