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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 11:05 PM UTC

Dixon - "Don't Be Shocked" By Corruption Charges

Corruption The President of Panama's Supreme Court, Graciela Dixon, preferred not to comment on statements made by US Ambassador to Panama Willian Eaton on the subject of the revocation of Winston Spadafora's visa. "Each country has the right to define its immigration policy and can determine to whom it will or will not grant a visa," said Dixon. She said that the cancellation of a visa should not shock the nation. Dixon said that international relations and diplomatic exchanges must occur on the basis of respect. This week US Ambassador William Eaton offered to release supporting information detailing the reasons why the US cancelled Winston Spadafora's visa to visit the United States in November of last year.

Editor's Comment: What? Yesterday afternoon at the swearing-in ceremony for the new Legislative Assembly session Panama's president Martin Torrijos repeated his appeal to the Panamanian people that they should learn to trust politicians. Here we have a case in which the United States of America cancelled the visa of the sitting President of Panama's Supreme Court. When this Spadafora flap started last November Spadafora was the sitting President of the Supreme Court. The US cancelled his visa saying they had firm information tying him to acts of corruption. This conflict gave the PRD the ammunition they needed to squeeze Spadafora out of the way and to consolidate control over the Judicial Branch. No one in Panama benefited more from the cancellation of Spadafora's visa than Dixon. And now Dixon says that the Panamanian people should not be "shocked" over charges of corruption from the United States and a cancelled visa? So the message from Torrijos is "trust us, we're a new breed of politicians" and the message from Dixon is "don't sweat the details about the old politicians." Can anyone spell "mixed messages?"

Revocatoria de visa no debe conmocionar al país, Dixon Graciela Dixon. Grisel Bethancourt PANAMA AMERICA LA PRESIDENTA de la Corte Suprema de Justicia, Graciela Dixon, prefirió no hacer comentarios sobre las declaraciones del representante diplomático de Estados Unidos, William Eaton, sobre el tema de la revocación de la visa al magistrado Winston Spadafora. "Cada país tiene derecho a definir su política migratoria y eso supone que va a determinar a quién concede visa o a quién no se la concede", estimó Dixon. Reiteró que la revocatoria de una visa a un funcionario no debe conmocionar a una nación. Dixon mencionó que en las relaciones internacionales y en las diplomáticas deben darse en base a la dignidad y el respeto. Esta semana, el embajador estadounidense, William Eaton, informó que podría colaborar aportando información sobre las causas que originaron la negación de la visa a Spadafora desde noviembre del año pasado.

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