RPG-7 With 50 Rounds Discovered in Chiriqui

Saturday, September 16 2006 @ 08:04 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

(Source: Panama America) National police units discovered an RPG-7 with 50 rounds in Chiriquí. The cache of war materials is being investigated by authorities according to Police Major Ismael Herrera who is responsible for the area. (Editor's Comment: Believe it or not this kind of discovery happens fairly frequently in Panama. Colombian rebels and paramilitary forces need weapons and have the money from the drug trade. There are a lot of arms and war materials left over the the Central American cold war internal conflicts in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, most of which came from the Soviet Union via Cuba. The Colombian drug traffickers smuggle cocaine and heroine out and guns and weapons back in, and a lot of it goes past or through Panama on the way. Usually the people that are caught with these weapons are simply smugglers and not terrorists in the sense that they have no plans to use them here. Rather they simply want to get them to the buyer and get paid.) Decomisan armas de guerra en Chiriquí ..................................... Jorge D. Gutiérrez Sanjur | EPASA en línea URGENTE - La Policía Nacional incautó este tarde 50 granadas de RPG 7 con su respectivo lanzador. El cargamento de guerra es investigado por las autoridades, según dio a conocer el Mayor de la Zona de Chiriquí Ismael Herrera.

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