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Thursday, May 23 2019 @ 04:55 AM UTC

Put Your Hands On The Radio!

Canal Expansion "If you can hear my voice, then Jesus loves you." This morning I was driving in the car and scanning through the radio stations looking for something interesting. I came across a talking-head program on 104.7 Radio Tipico and listened to the main proponents of the FRENADESO movement arguing their case to get people to vote "No" in the upcoming national referendum to either approve or rejoect the proposal to expand the Panama Canal. After listing to these people I think I can safely say that the expansion will be approved by a healthy margin. I was quite simply shocked at the way they blatantly used every possible tactic to mix up messages, confuse, confound, and to play on the prexisting fears of relatively ignorant people. Every two minutes or so one guy would repeat the number of their bank account at the Multicredit Bank asking for listeners to make a deposit to help them continue their fight. The one thing that became absolutely crystal clear in listening to these people is that anyone with a working brain will see right through them, and if anyone who is still undecided would most likely to be convinced to vote in favor of the referendum after spending a few minutes listening to these knuckleheads. The sad part is that I'll bet they are getting rich by taking money from poor people and they are happily getting away with it. Politicans are usually fun to watch but not in this case. This was sad.
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