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Saturday, May 25 2019 @ 04:00 AM UTC

Panameñistas and PRD, Hand in Hand

Canal Expansion (Source) Members of the Panameñista Party which represents those who mainly comprised the Government of Mireya Moscoso, announced their support for the expansion of the Panama Canal. Ex-presidential candidate José Miguel Alemán said he was proud of the project and said that much of the work for the expansion was done during the last administration. He said that the country should prepare for the future in a responsible way to give hope to a new generation of Panamanians; to vote against the proposal would not offer anything to the nation and would be a choice to continue with the present problems. The ex- vice-minister of Economy, Domingo Latorraca, described the project as well structured the project, from an engineering, environmental, and financial point of view and that "it very well could provide important resources to Panama."

Editor's Comment: This is the first time I've seen anyone from the administration of Mireya Moscoso try to claim credit for the proposal to expand the Panama Canal. From my point of view this is a truly absurd notion, and ranks up there with Al Gore claiming credit for inventing the Internet. This particular wing of the Panameñista party is made up of the remnants of the Mireya Moscoso regime and they have the lowest level of appreciation and support in the current Panamanian political spectrum. This is an obvious "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" attempt, with the added "take credit for it" twist thrown in. José Miguel Alemán came in third in the last presidential election and came in a distant third behind Martin Torrijos and Guillermo Endara. The Panameñista party, which used to be called the Arnulfistas, lost all credibility due to the widespread perception of unbridled corruption during the Mireya Moscoso regime, has barely been able to muster a weak proposal to delay the referendum until January, an idea that was largely ignored. Whatever. This is just one more indication of the wide level of support for the referendum which is now basically in the bag. The only people who are working against the referendum are the perpetual antagonists, political climbers, and those who clearly have something to lose if it passes.

Panameñistas respaldan ampliación Saúl Quintero Quirós Miembros del Partido Panameñista, principalmente quienes formaron parte del Gobierno de Mireya Moscoso, se pronunciaron a favor del proyecto de ampliación del Canal de Panamá, siendo su cabecilla principal José Miguel Alemán, quien dijo sentirse orgulloso del proyecto que se adelantó en gran proporción durante la pasada administración.

Expresó que el país, de manera responsable, debe aportar para el futuro, esperanza para la nueva generación de panameños; darle un NO sería no ofrecer nada a la nación y se continuaría con los mismos problemas actuales.

Por su parte, el ex viceministro de Economía, Domingo Latorraca, calificó de bien estructurado el proyecto, desde el punto de vista de ingeniería, ambiente y principalmente financiero y que "muy bien puede aportar recursos importantes a Panamá".

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