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Traffic and Statistics

What is PG?In mid-2005 I started keeping a close eye on traffic statistics for Panama Guide because I know that I'm in a competetive marketplace, and I need to know how I stack-up compared to other websites in Panama with English language content. Over the past 18 months or so I've watched traffic to the website grow steadily from practically nothing to more that 2,000 people per day on average. I've been following a strategy since day one and it's working, Panama Guide is more popular than ever (thanks.) But now I have another problem - keeping the stats up to date. I've got so many other things to do that it's become time consuming to keep the reports and articles up to date. Some people like to see detailed traffic statistics and I like to make them available. So, I'm changing my approach slightly, and will have this article as a base, and then other sub-articles that I can update more easily. In any case, here's the stats.

Reporting Conventions: Each category, statistic, or graphic will be "wrapped" in another article. This article will link to each report, graphic, or graph. Look for the "Date Of Information (DOI)" for each graphic, which tells you when it was last updated. Presenting the information this way allows me to update individual smaller articles instead of just one big article so it's easier to manage and keep updated.

Several Programs In Use: Right now I think I'm using seven or eight programs to help be track web traffic statistics. The people who write these programs use different ways of measuring traffic, label things slightly differently, and use different conventions to express similar traffic patterns. So be aware that one graphic that says "pages" might be called "files" from another program. Don't worry so much about the nitty-gritty details, and just look for trends over time.

Other People Are Lying To You: If you are looking hard at this webpage you're probably interested for a reason. If you are an advertiser or potential sponsor, you should be aware that owners of other websites are flat-out lying about the traffic to their website. I will happily compare traffic to anyone, and certify that every number and statistic reported is exact, true, and accurately represented. In short, I'm kicking everyone else's butt, and they don't like it. Whatever. Just know that I'm telling you the truth and not using numbers to baffle you. Rather, I want you to be able to read traffic and stat numbers because if you can do that, then you recognize the value of advertising on Panama Guide.

Compare Apples to Apples: If someone tries to blow smoke up your skirt and ells you they have 32 million hits or whatever, ask for the raw charts. Print out the information presented in these articles and ask them for the same data for their web page. Anyone can claim to have a great deal of traffic and visits but I can prove it and back it up with raw data. If you have any doubts please feel free to give me a call.

The Statistics: What follows below are the links to the individual stat articles. I'll be adding them in as they are built.

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