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Tuesday, June 25 2019 @ 03:21 AM UTC

Government Applies Anti-Gang Law for the First Time

Crime & Punishment (Source) Prosecutors in Panama are applying, for the first time, a new law against nine suspects charged with being responsible for organizing youth gangs and organized crime in an attempt to stem the spread of youth gangs in the country. The first four were arrested during a recent police operation in Curundú, and last Friday another five were charged with being the leaders of the "Pentagon" gang. These delinquents with the last names of Guerrero, Crosthwait, Clark, Palma and Valencia were apprehended in San Felipe. They were arrested by the National Police and PTJ in an operation that was coordinated with the Public Ministry, and are being charged with crimes based on Law 48 of 30 August 2004 which was written to stem the spread of youth gangs. (Editor's Comment: This is the first time that this law has been applied, and is an obvious response by the government of Panama to the rising tide of youth and gang-related crime and violence. In addition, its a further demonstration of the administration using a stategy of simply enforcing laws that are already on the books, which is a whole lot easier than passing new legislation.)

BANDAS | Por primera vez aplican ley Estrenan cargos contra pandillerismo Elio Núñez PANAMA AMERICA

LA FISCALIA Auxiliar de la República alegó por primera vez cargos por el delito de pandillerismo contra nueve sujetos supuestamente vinculados a las bandas "Los sagrados" y "El pentágono".

Un primer grupo de sujetos formado por cuatro jóvenes detenidos tras operativos en Curundú. Mientras que el viernes pasado fueron sometidos a declaraciones indagatorias otros cinco sujetos supuestamente de la banda de "El pentágono", a quienes se le formuló cargos de pandillerismo. Estos delincuentes de apellidos Guerrero, Crosthwait, Clark, Palma y Valencia fueron aprehendidos en San Felipe.

Los delincuentes fueron detenidos por la Policía Nacional y PTJ en coordinación con el Ministerio Público, basándose en la recién creada Ley 48 de 30 de agosto de 2004, sobre pandillerismo.

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