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Sunday, August 25 2019 @ 11:30 pm EDT

Rio Negro Sport Fishing Lodge Update

Fishing Hello Folks, We've had two events that have had a major impact on our operation. First was the passing of my sister Lucie two weeks ago after a year loge struggle with Pancreatic cancer. Anyone who has been a guests at our lodge, most likely had some contact with Lucie in coordination their visit. Lucie and I were able to transition Lucie's daughter Stephanie to take over as our stateside agent. Stephanie's contact information is now posted on the website. Second, was an incident that resulted in substantial damage to the Magoo. In mid-June, the Magoo was moored overnight in our anchorage, ready for the next day of fishing. The following morning we found the Magoo capsized with the transom, t-top and console ripped off. We recovered the hull by emptying 4 scuba tanks of air inside the hull while many volunteers lifted and Alex pulled with the tractor. Fortunately, the hull was undamaged and lost the old engines. The 4-stroke engines were safely stored in our workshop. Turns out that in combination with a very large swell and a major squall, our safe anchorage turned into a high energy surf zone. WE also found out the `14 other boats were lost or badly damaged up and down the coast that evening. Starting on 1 August after my return from Florida, Alex, Bones and I started our Magoo overhaul project. (more)

We have also taken this opportunity to incorporate a number of improvements that we have been thinking about but lacked the imitative until now. I have documented our progress on the website at this link:

With most of the hard work behind us, now is more detail work below the deck and on the new t-top. We anticipate installing the new deck panels, console and t-top by the end of next week. The week after, we plan to install the new engines and complete all the rigging. This will give us several weeks to shake out the Magoo before our next guests arrive in mid-November.

Best Regards,

Tommy Giles

Rio Negro Sportfishing Lodge


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