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Sunday, April 22 2018 @ 04:00 PM EDT

Aminta Corro Fired for Corruption After Audit

Corruption (Source) Aminta Corro, the former public prosecutor for the areas of Colon and and Kuna Yala, was fired from her position after having confirmed there are irregularities in the the cases under her management after an audit conducted in her office in April 2005 according to sources in the Public Ministry (MP). The audit in this case was conducted by Superior Prosecutor Dimas Guevara, and the internal investigation was initiated by ex-prosecutor Patricio Candanedo and was finished on 30 September by prosecutor Jose Ayú Prado. Although the MP did not want to confirm the destitution, internal sources corroborated the information. Corro has not yet been officially notified of the decision.

Editor's Comment: Aminta Corro was the anti-drug prosecutor who left Panama for the United States on vacation in early July 2006 and was stopped at the border when trying to get off the plane in Florida. The Department of Homeland Security identified Corro as someone who was suspected of being involved in drug trafficking. There was a short flap and scandal and the US provided the details to Panamanian authorities. This audit from 2005 was old and government authorities apparently gave it life again in order to create an administrative reason to remove Corro from her position legally. Now they will either follow-through and investigate and prosecute her for corruption, or let her walk. If she's guilty she needs to go to jail, not Disney World.

MINISTERIO PÚBLICO. Destituyen a fiscal Aminta Corro José Otero

La fiscal de Drogas de Colón y Kuna Yala, Aminta Corro, fue destituida de su cargo al comprobársele irregularidades en el trámite de expedientes luego de una auditoría practicada a su despacho en abril de 2005, informaron fuentes del Ministerio Público (MP). La auditoría de este caso lo practicó el fiscal superior Dimas Guevara; la investigación interna la inició el ex fiscal de Drogas Patricio Candanedo y la culminó el pasado 30 de septiembre el fiscal primero de Drogas, José Ayú Prado. Aunque el MP no quiso confirmar la destitución, fuentes internas corroboraron la medida. Corro no acudió ayera notificarse..

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