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Friday, May 25 2018 @ 07:00 AM EDT

Easy Travel Panama - Personalized Ground Transportation and Sightseeing

Travel & Tourism Easy Travel Panama has developed a specialized "niche" in personalized tour and travel guide services. We offer packages that are specifically designed and tuned to your individual desires and requirements. Our drivers and tour guides are highly trained to provide first class service. We provide personalized ground transportation and sight-seeing service by private taxi. From the minute you touch Panamanian soil our knowledgeable drivers and guides will receive and assist you in flawless English. We offer transportation and tours throughout Panama City and other nearby popular destinations. Our drivers/guides are knowledgeable about all aspects of Panama and its diverse cultures. We can customize sight-seeing, cultural, or shopping excursions based on your individual needs and particular interests. Our drivers/guides, although very professional, are a lot of fun and very experienced working with international guests. Our prices are competitive and comparable to standard Panamanian taxi fares. We have hundreds of totally satisfied clients and we are confident you will feel the same.

Easy Travel Panama offer customers a very personalized ground transportation/tour service (VIP service) from the minute they touch Panamanian soil. We know that you only get one chance to create a first impression, and it is VERY important to us to make all of our clients feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they first touch Panamanian soil.

Here are some of the services we offer to our customers. Beside each service I have added a little description of what they will see. Since we provide a totally personalized one-on-one VIP service, we can can adjust tours and schedules to fit the clients likes and needs and design a ”custom made” tour specifically for them. There is a lot to see and do in Panama City and you can pick from a whole list of things and plan your own trip based on your personal desires. A half-day city tour is four hours, and a full day tour is eight or more depending on the itinerary.

Cruise Ship in the Panama Canal

  • Cruise Season in Here: Visiting Panama on a Cruise Ship this season? Hundreds of cruise ships will make port in Panama this year carrying thousands of tourists who will spend a short time visiting Panama's primary attractions, such as the Panama Canal, the ruins of "Old Panama" and the historic part of town. Easy Travel Panama specializes in providing tailored, custom designed packages that will help you get the most out of the limited "shore time" you have in Panama. "We love to show visitors as much of Panama as we can, and with a smaller group we can be more nimble," says Judy Tovar, the Owner of Easy Travel Panama which provides tours and ground transportation services to visitors. If you want to "get off the bus" and have a more personalized experience, give Judy a call at +011 (507) 6617-4122 or email her at or visit the website at

Personalized Airport to Hotel Ground Transportation
  • Airport Transportation: Transportation from Tocumen International Airport to Panama City hotel and vice versa. When you arrive at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, you will have the assurance of a totally bilingual person waiting for you to take you to your Panama City hotel, accompany you inside the hotel to make sure everything is in order with your reservations, and to help you with whatever else they might need.

Knowledgeable Tour Guides and Chauffeurs
  • Tour Guides & Chauffeurs: No matter where you want to go or what you want to see, you will always have either me or one of my qualified tour guides to talk about and explain any aspect of element of what you are seeing. Panama is full of wonderful history, nature, culture, and marvels like the Panama Canal, and we can just carry on a conversation about Panama on the way to our destination, which is entertaining in its own right. But the best part is having your own personal tour guide, just for you.

Embera Rain-forest Adventure (Photo by Dixon Hamby)
  • The Embera Rain-forest Adventure: One of the magical things about Panama is its diverse mix of cultures and lifestyles. Let our professional guides take you on this unforgettable tour into the heart of the Panamanian rain-forest. This is a "day trip" so we leave early in the morning and get back before dark. We will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the starting point on the Chagres river, and from there you will ride in a traditional cayuco (dug-out canoe) to the Embera Indian village. There you will be welcomed by the villagers who will give you an introduction to the culture, religion, art, language, food, and lifestyle of their people. You will be served a traditional lunch of Tilapia fish and fried plantains. Other presentations include an explanation of medicinal plants, a trail walk through the jungle, a musical dance and performance, and the chance to swim in a crystal clear river at an unbelievable waterfall. There is a two person minimum and no maximum on this very exciting and informative tour. This trip is often cited by many as the "favorite part of the trip" at the end of their stay.

El Valle de Antón (Photo by Dixon Hamby)
  • El Valle de Antón (The Valley) Tour: El Valle de Antón is located only two hours away from Panama City by car along the PanAmerican Highway. El Valle is actually formed by the crater of an extinct volcano, so we first have to drive up the side of the volcano, and then "down" into El Valle. The best day to do the El Valle tour is on a Sunday morning when there is a local open produce and crafts market. Local growers and craftsmen from all over the area come to the market on Sunday with their wares, and the offerings are always rich and varied. There are also a host of other outdoor activities to do during the day, such as hiking to a waterfall, horseback riding, and exploring the rain-forest that surrounds this magical part of Panama.

A Day At the Beach
  • A Day At the Beach: If you like the ocean you can decide to spend a day at the beach, and in Panama you can choose between either the Pacific or Atlantic oceans. In fact we once did a special "two oceans in one day" tour, and took someone to swim in the Atlantic ocean in the morning and the Pacific in the afternoon. In fact, Panama has beautiful beaches on both oceans. You can choose from a "basic minimum" trip with just a cooler, some sun screen and a towel, or you can visit one of Panama's 5-star beach resorts and pay for a day-pass which includes a lunch buffet and use of their pools and facilities. There are lots of different options to choose from, and we can help you plan your trip to make the most of your time.

Panama City Historical Tour (Photo by Don Winner)
  • Panama City - Historical Tour of Casco Viejo: Explore the old part of Panama City called the "Casco Viejo." The Spanish moved the colonial capital of Panama City to this location after the original location (called "Old Panama") was sacked and burned by the English Pirate Sir Henry Morgan. The architecture of the area is a mixture of French and Spanish Colonial, and many visitors say that its similar to the French Quarter in New Orleans or the Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. We can visit the world famous Golden Altar in the Church of San Jose, the French Plaza, the Panamanian National Theater, the Presidential Palace, and the Cathedral Plaza. Many buildings in Casco Viejo are being renovated and its a lovely mix of the old and new.

The Ruins of Old Panama
  • The Ruins of Old Panama: Panama City was first founded on this site on 1519 but was sacked and burned 1671. There is now an observation platform in the bell tower of the old Cathedral which allows visitors a better view of the surrounding area. Archeologists are working to slowly uncover, explore, and better understand this site, and there are always new things to see.

The Amador Causeway
  • The Amador Causeway: Rocks and dirt produced by the contruction of the Panama Canal was used to connect three small islands just off Panama's coast in order to create a water-break and to protect ships entering and leaving the canal from waves and weather. Visitors can drive out on the "causeway" and see attractions such as the Marine Exhibition Center located on Punta Culebra of Naos Island on the Amador Causeway, operated by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution (STRI). The drive along the causeway is beautiful with water on both sides and a fantastic view of Panama City and ships passing by on their way to the Panama Canal.

The Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal
  • Panama Canal: One of the "must see" destinations for tourists in Panama is the Panama Canal Visitor's Center at the Miraflores Locks. There are observation platforms where you can get so close that you feel like you can almost touch the ship! The visitor's center is wonderful and there is a fantastic museum showing the history of the construction of the canal. Finally, there is a five-star restaurant where you can enjoy lunch or dinner while watching the ships transitting thru the Miraflores Locks.

  • Canal Zone Historical: One of the interesing parts of Panama is the former "Panama Canal Zone" which was considered to be territory of the United States of America until 12:00 noon on 31 December 1999. This 10-mile wide strip runs through the middle of Panama from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and the former military bases and facilities have been converted to other uses. You can see housing areas, former military bases, and the heart of the old Canal Zone.

Gamboa Rainforest Resort
  • Rainforest Tour: There is a beautiful hotel in the middle of the rainforest called Gamboa Rainforest Resort. The drive is about 45 minutes from Panama City…about 25 minutes from the Miraflores Locks. The drive is just beautiful...and the view from the hotel overlooking the Chagres River, the Gatun Lake, and the Rainforest is gorgeous. This area is known as birders´ paradise. In Panama we have more birds than Canada and the United States together!

Panama is a Birdwatcher's Paradise
  • Metropolitan Park: Panama's Metropolitan Park is located in the middle of Panama City and offers hiking trails through the jungle where you can see animals, birds, plants and trees native to the area. The park is very close to Panama City and a visit to the park can be a quick side-trip as part of a city tour. Serious birdwatchers can go to the famous pipeline road in Gamboa, or to the Parque Soberania which is also famous for its hiking and birding trails.

  • Shopping: Panama City is a shoppers paradise. I will take you to a place where you can find all the Indian handicrafts - we have seven different ethnic groups in Panama and each group has their own handicrafts. I can also take you shopping at any of our wonderful mals in the City and guide you towards the stores with the best prices.

(Note: While on day tours clients pay for their own food, drinks, and any entrance fees to museums which are usually only a dollar or two.)

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