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To Catch A Thief

Law & Lawyers If you remember back to the first week of November 2006 there was a headline in the Panamanian news that a company from the United States was caught trying to import diamonds to Panama illegally, in a DHL Courier pouch, claiming that they were "only documents" with "no commercial value." The story drew my attention because there were gringos involved and I started looking into the story. Within a couple of days I learned that there is a very good chance that these guys are involved in a complex and complicated scam which amounts to a huge ponzi scheme, using the Internet and international jurisdictions to evade detection and prosecution. There are websites related to Udachu in Russian, Polish, German, and English. The websites directed at the English speaking market are looking for the big fish, while those in Eastern Europe sell the same promised of huge returns but only require a minimum "investment" of $50 or $100 dollars. (more)

Update - 19 March 2008: I wrote this article in November of 2006 and basically never published it. I kept waiting for the authorities to land on Rod Spiller's head. He and his family left Panama and ran to Europe for awhile, and now I understand he's living in Florida again. Good riddance.

Why Now? Because I have learned from past mistakes. I can spend hours and hours (and hours and hours) tracking down these internet scammer guys, and in the end of the day there's usually not a payday involved. In other words, I don't have any money invested with these clowns so I'm not trying to get that back. And there's no body out there with the word "agency" somewhere in their name paying my bills. So, these things are a sink-hole of time and effort.

A Dime A Dozen: Internet "investment" schemes are a dime a dozen. And, for some reason a lot of them are operated from Panama. So, it's old news that these guys are here. The only thing that changes are the names, the details, and the primary people involved. I wanted to dust this off and throw it up as an example of what's out there on guys like this.

(Back to the old material from November 2006)

Keeping My Mouth Shut: The diamond snafu caught my attention and then the follow-up investigation made it clear to me these people are simply scammers running a huge ponzi scheme. Rather than continue to report on Panama Guide I decided the best way to potentially protect the investments of the victims and the quickest way to shut these guys down would be to pass the data and information I am holding to the authorities. So at this point (9 November 2006) I am continuing to write this story but I'm not going to publish until the authorities are ready to arrest the primary players.

Limited Resources: I can scrounge through the Internet, make phone calls, and interview local officials here in Panama but this case requires more. When I first started investigating and meeting with Panamanian officials I was quickly told that "we're going to coordinate with the FBI on this one." Panamanian governmental authorities have limited resources in investigate international crime and their information basically starts at the border. I can dig through the Internet and web sites as good as anyone else but I don't have access to government computers, tax records, and other official records. So, this case is now in the hands of the pros from Dover.

Meeting With Panamanian Customs Officials: The first meeting I had was with Mr. Daniel Delgado, the Director of Customs in Panama, on 8 November 2006. In that meeting it became clear that the Spillers were attempting to illegally import diamonds in a courier pouch and got caught. On that day I was still just starting to investigate this group and was trying to contact someone from their organization to ask some questions. I wanted to get both sides of the story and to figure out if they were doing something that was completely legal, but just bumping up to the edge of the "grey" area and taking advantage of loopholes. I wrote the last of the four articles on that day. Shortly thereafter and in response to the last article I published, people inside and outside of the Spiller organization contacted me and started to send me inside information. I decided it was time for me to keep my mouth shut and to feign a loss of interest. I have passed everything I know to the authorities and now I'm waiting for them to do their thing while I continue to do mine.

"Wait for it..."

All In Due Time: When the time comes to take people into custody and I know that these guys are going away for awhile, then I'll publish the information that I've been holding back so far. Basically, I don't want them to get away with it. It might take weeks or months but I don't care. This story needs to break with a picture of Rodney M. Spiller being led away in cuffs and a joint press conference from the FBI, PTJ, and other international law enforcement agencies in Europe. These people have potentially stolen as much as $25 million dollars or more from their victims around the world, and the money continues to pour in as we speak.

Get Caught Up: First of all you should go back and read the old stuff, so you have the background. I have published four articles on these guys so far;

On Going Investigation: The more I looked, the more I found. I soon ran into enough solid information to convince me the Spiller family is running what amounts to a giant criminal ponzi scheme and at that point the rules change. I was concerned that if I continued to publish then they would pull up stakes and run and the chances of the victims getting any of their money back would be greatly reduced. And as part of my investigations I learned that Rodney M. Spiller moves around often. In just the last few years ye has lived in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Tennessee at the very least. It would be nothing for him to simply bail out of wherever he's living, take the money and run. So far everything I've learned points to white collar crime on a large scale, so it can wait for a little while at least. Also there are several international jurisdictions involved so there's no way that all of those guys can coordinate their actions over night.

Concerned Investors: A couple of people out there who have sent money to the Spillers became concerned with the first reports and they started sending me some "inside" information, and that was enough to begin to follow a line of investigation. I soon had made contact with several people who were on the inside of this organization in the early days, and when the money really started to pour in the Spillers decided that for security reasons they needed to push everyone else out and to keep it "all in the family."

Immigration Data Dump: On Monday, 13 November, I had a meeting with Lic. Tomas R. Garcia Tobar, the National Sub-director of Panamanian Immigration. At that point I suspected that most of the primary players were physically in Panama and I wanted to let them know that there was very likely more to this than just the diamond smuggling and tax avoidance issues. He informed me in that meeting that they had already issued orders for at least six people to be restricted from leaving Panama while they investigated, and I provided him with some more background data. He also requested that I contact the office of the Legal Attache in the US Embassy, which I did.

What I Know, Think, or Suspect: There are a whole lot of angles and details that remain to be firmed up and investigated. It's a huge moving target, and web sites and appear and disappear literally overnight. This is where the lawyers would say that "of course, no one is guilty of a crime until they are charged and convicted by a judge or a jury of their peers." It's not my job to either write the laws, enforce them, or play judge and jury. But as I lay this out you'll be able to see me scratching my head and chasing the tail of the rat. When this article finally gets published, these words probably won't be here. This is a draft, and not for public consumption. I know it's a disjointed stream of information but I wanted to get it over to you as soon as possible, and there will be time for polishing later.

  • Primary Player: Rodney Michael Spiller This whole ring revolves around this man. This parents, one son and friends are involved, but apparently he's the key person that wired it all together. Rodney M. Spiller's date of birth is 7 Aug 1965. He is currently living in Florida.

    Rodney Michael Spiller - Picture Taken in 2004

  • Primary Player - Andrew Rodney Spiller: This is Rodney M. Spiller's oldest son. I do not have his exact date of birth but he is approximately 24 years old. He is the one who went to the Panamanian Customs authorities and claimed ownership of the illegal diamond shipment. He is apparently spending a lot of time in Panama and coordinating elements of the operation here. Panamanian authorities have issued an order preventing Andrew R. Spiller from leaving Panama as part of the investigation into the diamond smuggling issue.

    Andrew Rodney Spiller - Picture Taken in 2003

  • Primary Player - Christine Marie Spiller: This is Rodney M. Spiller's wife. She and Rodney were married at some earlier point and had children together and lived in North Carolina. They split up and apparently got divorced, and then Rodney got back together with her sometime within the last few years. They are now remarried and living together. Christine's maiden name is Christine Marie Mamone.

  • Primary Player - Harlan F. "Skip" Spiller: This is Rodney M. Spiller's father. He owns or owned a landscaping company in Cape Coral, Florida. He apparently "has" or "uses" several social different social security numbers to hide income and taxes. These numbers are unknown.

  • Primary Player - Mary Spiller: This is Rodney M. Spiller's mother. Skip and Mary are both citizens of the United States who are living in Boquete, Panama as pensionados. They are listed on many of the Panamanian companies registered by the Spillers as primary owners or officers.

  • Landscaping and Irrigation Business in Florida: Harland "Skip" and Mary Spiller have been running several landscaping and irrigation businesses in Florida. Several people I have talked to have indicated that these businesses were "illegal" in some way, that they did not have proper licences or permits, that they have not paid income taxes, or other indications that these businesses were not legitimate. I have found traces of two companies called "Spiller & Son Landscaping, Inc." and "Spillers Irrigation & Landscape Solutions LLC." in the area of Cape Coral, Florida. Apparently Skip and Mary were running the landscaping business until Rodney's investment scam starting really taking off. Rodney needed individuals he could trust to help him run things so he recruited his mother and father. His parents Skip and Mary moved to Panama as "pensionados" and turned the landscaping operation in Florida over to another of Rodney's sons, Aaron Spiller, to continue to operate.

  • Spiller's Irrigation, 109 Hancock Bridge Parkway West, Cape Coral, FL (239) 246-2212

    Location of Spiller's Irrigation in Cape Coral, Florida

  • Primary Player - Thomas Brockman: Thomas Brockman was also in Panama when the diamond shipment came in. The Panamanian Law Firm of Mossack & Fonseca sent a messenger to Tocumen airport to pick up the DHL package on orders from Thomas Brockman. Later, both the law firm and courier service claimed ignorance of what the Spillers were doing with regards to the diamonds. The messenger from the law firm was told to go to the DHL counter at Tocumen and ask for a very specific person who was working behind at the DHL counter, a Panamanian woman who is also under investigation. Normally if you're just going to pick up a courier package of documents you simply arrive at the counter, present your receipt, get your package and take off. But in this case there was some indication of "fore knowledge" that the package required special handling. Thomas Brockman is a close associate of Rodney M. Spiller, and Panamanian Customs and Immigration officials have issued orders preventing him from leaving the country as well.

  • Primary Player - Brian Shute: Rodney M. Spiller moved back to Florida at about the same time that he broke up with Irene Kaplan. Another person that is listed on the Udachu Financial Services company as a director is Brain Shute. Brian Shute has been involved in the Udachu network since 30 March 2005 and has been continously posting to Internet High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) chat boards, promoting Udachu and attacking anyone who questions their programs. At first I thought Brian Shute was a secondary playier, but now I'm fairly convinced that he's in this up to his eyeballs. He posts with the user id "Ceramictec" which is the name of his company. But in any case, here's the details on Brian Shute:

    • Name - Brian Shute
    • Date of Birth - 22 July 1967 (age 39)
    • Address - 9 Sanctuary Avenue, Debary, Florida
    • Telephone - (386) 753-1797 (disconnected)
    • See Brian's Page on: MySpace
    • Hometown: Glassboro, NJ
    • Height - 5' 7" / Athletic
    • Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
    • Occupation: Contractor / Investor
    • Education: Glassboro High School, Glassboro, NEW JERSEY 1982 to 1985
    • Owner: Ceramictec, Ceramic Tile Contractor

    Brian Shute Happy Birthday.

  • Secondary Player - Aaron Spiller: This is the name that was given to me as being "another" of Rodney M. Spiller's sons, and supposedly he is now "running the irrigation business" in Florida now that the rest of the family has their hands tied up with Udachu and the rest of the "business."

  • Secondary Player - Tracylyn F. Spiller: a.k.a. "Tracy L. Spiller." Tracy is a former wife of Rodney M. Spiller. They were apparently married several years ago, had children together, and she has since filed for child support which Rodney M. Spiller has not paid.

  • Wanted in South Carolina: Apparently, Rodney M. Spiller is wanted in the state of South Carolina for not paying back child due to Tracylyn F. Spiller to support the children he had with her while they were married.

  • Secondary Player - Irene Kaplan: Currently works for Aetna Medical Insurance in Philadelphia, PA. Irene and Rodney M. Spiller were "dating" or "boyfriend and girlfriend" starting about three years ago and "broke up" in January of 2006. She is of Russian descent and speaks with an accent. She had detailed insider information about the operations of the Spiller ring.

    • Irene Kaplan is listed as the Director for "Udachu Financial Services Limited."

    • Irene Kaplan's Email Address -

    • Irene Kaplan's Cell Phone Number - (215) 275-9209

    • Using Her "Tax ID" - Irene says that Rodmey M. Spiller used her "tax ID" (social security number) to open a bank account with PNC Bank without her knowledge. According to Irene, Rodney M. Spiller "tells people to wire money to that account when he wants money to spend in the United States."

    • Established on 28 April 2005: This company was opened in the United Kingdom in early 2005 when Irene and Rodney were still dating.

    • Whoops. Forgot About That One: The address listed in the United States for this company, 124 Chatham Place, Lansdale PA 19446 is Irene Kaplan's home address. She continues to receive official documents and reports from England with regards to this business which has recently been dissolved.

    • "A Company Registered In London" - On some of the internet groups Rodney M. Spiller is bragging about the validity of his Udachu family of "investments" and says that they are registered in the UK. He is apparently talking about this company that he formed with Irene and Brian Shute. The lawfirm listed on these documents is probably in the same position as Mossack & Fonseca here in Panama in that Spiller just used them to establish a company in London to create an aire of legitimacy for Udachu. Apparently, there was never any commercial activity registered for this company, they never paid any taxes (of course), and the best part is that Irene is still receiving all of the documents being sent from the UK government at her house. With regards to this company, Rodney M. Spiller said on 12 April 2006:

      • "I am the CEO of Udachu Financial Services Ltd. Which is incorporated in the UK. Udachu Financial Services is a traders resource company. We teach people how to trade various markets as well as provide leverage for equities. The funds are private clubs that were started to open the opportunity for smaller investors to benefit. This is why we do not wish to promote. The admin will announce himself shortly to all of the Members of UI. Tom Brockman is the admin for UF." (Source)

    124 Chatham Place, Lansdale PA 19446

  • Enter Thomas Brockman: Thomas Brockman and Irene Kapland have known each other for a long time, and Thomas Brockman worked at the same insurance company as Irene. Irene indicated that she knew Thomas Brockman long before she met Rodney M. Spiller. And apparently, Thomas Brockman and Rodney M. Spiller got together through their association with Irene.

  • Rodney M. Spiller, Flight Attendant: Rodney M. Spiller was working as a flight attendant for US Airways until he was laid off. At some point he claimed to have been injured on the job, and according one source that was also a scam. He remained on the US Airways payroll for some time collecting workman's compensation due to the injury he supposedly received on the job. During this period of time he was basically unemployed and had a lot of time on his hands. He spent a lot of time on the internet and started to learn how to trade stocks. Prior to his he had no experience at all with equities or securities trading. Eventually US Airways paid Rodney M. Spillman a settlement based on his injury claim, which provided the seed capital for his investment scheme.

  • Day Trader Training: His first scheme was to offer to teach others his secrets for day trading. This was considered to be ironic because he did not know what he was doing himself, but he was able to convince others to send him money to learn his "secrets." Rodney M. Spiller had discovered easy money. When asked if Rodney M. Spiller was qualified to teach others how to trade securities on the internet one source laughed out loud, saying "that's a ridiculous question, of course not."

  • Other Old Addresses: The following information was provided by a confidential source. All of these addresses are reported to be "former addresses of the Spillers" that date back as far as 1997:

    • 325 S main Ave Erwin Tn 37650

    • 200 Four Seasons Cir Apt A3 Erwin Tn 37650

    • 812 Buffalo Rd. Blountville Tn 37617

    • 605 Saude Ave Essington Pa 19029

    • 118 Saude Ave, Essington PA 19029, tel. (484) 494-4027

    • 552 Jansen Ave, Essington PA 19029, tel. (484) 494-4546

    • Note: Origins in South Philadelphia: All three of these addresses are located within a few mile radius just west of the airport, south of the highway, and north of the river. Rodney M. Spiller was living in this area until just a few years ago. This is the area where Rodney was living while working as a flight attendant, where he was dating Irene Kapland, and where he got connected with Thomas Brockman.

    • 702 Farview Ave Newtown Square Pa 19073 (Note: This is the address where Rodney M. Spiller was living while working as a flight attendant in the 2004 timeframe.)

    • 303 E Oak Ave Knoxville Tn 37917

    • 1801 Brantley Rd Apt 1504 Fort Myers Fl. 33907

    • 1125 Lenox Ct. Cape Coral Fl. 33904

  • Not Paying Taxes: Apparently Rodney M. Spiller is currently living in Florida and he regularly boasts about not paying income taxes. He is reportedly taking in a whole bunch of money and not paying the IRS a dime. Apparently he once bragged that he has never filed an income tax return in his life. He is using several social security numbers to conduct transactions and to avoid federal authorities. At one point he used the social security number of his newborn son Caullin to rent or buy a property in Maine. And, he has used the social security number of Irene Kapland to open bank accounts (without her knowledge, identity theft) and is using those accounts to receive wire transfers that are supposed to be "investments." He apparently just takes the money and spends it.

  • Criminal Record and History of Violence: Rodney M. Spiller has a criminal record for assult on a police officer and another charge for domestic violence against his current wife Christine M. Spiller. Rodney and Christine have a history, they apparently went through a divorce and have since gotten back together. They are now apparently remarried and are currently (late November) taking a cruise together in the Caribbean.

  • Address for "Skip" and Mary Spiller: 11790 Royal Tee Court, Cape Coral Florida 33991 (239) 283-7575

    Skip and Mary's House

  • What Does "Udachu" Mean? It's Russian for "Good Luck." I was completely wrong about that "You're The Chump" thing. My apologies.

Rodney M. Spiller's Yahoo Profile: Rod Spiller created a Yahoo! profile on 9 March 2003 and the last time he updated his profile was on 13 January 2004. He established an email account as His Yahoo! profile specifies that his Rod Spiller, that he lived (at the time) in Newtown Square Pa, listed his age as 38, marital status as divorced, and his occupation - "Flight Attendant." His hobbies are "exploring out of the way places around Europe." And (here's the best part) his favorite quote is "Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle....Abraham Lincoln" In short he's saying "I'm a hustler." Un-friggin' real. (Added on 22 November 2006)

Gryphon Realty Investment Group: An Internet search indicates a "possible employment or business association" between Harland F. Spiller (Rodney M. Spiller's father) and the Gryphon Realty Investment Group.

Too Many Websites To List: This is where the whole scheme gets very complicated. There are so many websites out there that are tied to these guys that it's hard to keep up. It is possible to see a "transformation" over time from a small scam to a really large scam, and the money apparently started pouring in when the internet investment community decided that Rodney M. Spiller and his Udachu scheme were legitimate. And apparently, no one was more surprised than Rodney himself.

The Evolution of Udachu: The first time was listed as a website on the Internet was on 7 February 2005. It started off as a site for internet stock traders, and was pretty cheesy. There are two versions of the website in the archives:

  • The Earliest Version from Feb 2005. This is when Rodney M. Spiller first put up his website and how it looked when they started.

  • The New and Improved Version from May 2005 through April 2006. There have been no real changes to the website which was apparently abandonded in April 2006, a few months after Irene and Rodney M. Spiller broke up.

  • on This is the information listed on the database for

    • Title - Site will be down for updating
    • Languages - English
    • Address - 124 Chatham Pl, Lansdale PA 19446 US
    • Contact - Udachu club
    • Telephone - (239) 849 7067
    • Related Domains -,

Phone Number (239) 849-7067: This is an unlisted cell phone number held by "Blue Licenses Holding, Llc" In Fort Myers, FL.

So, Where Is Based? Here's the WhoIS data for, and this is where the trail starts to get into Panama, Mossack & Fonseca, and Boquete.

  • Domain name:
  • Registrant Contact: Udachu Financial Services Ltd (the company in England)
  • Email Address -
  • Telephone Number - +44.1111111 (bogus)
  • Physical Address: 8 Don Vidal Plaza, Boquete, Panama (Note - This is the address of the lawfirm of Mossack & Fonseca in Boquete, Panama. Apparently this lawfirm was providing all law services for the Spillers in Panama.)

  • Administrative Contact: Udachu Finacnial Services Ltd
  • Email Address -
  • +44.1111111 Fax: +1.1
  • Physical Address - 8 Don Vidal Plaza, Boquete Panama.

  • Technical Contact: Udachu Club (Note the difference. They did not use the company in England as the technical contact, but rather the "Udachu Club"
  • Email -
  • +44.1111111 Fax: +1.1
  • Lansdale, Great Britan (Note: "Lansdale" is where Irene Kapland lives in Pennsylvania.)
  • Status: Locked
  • Name Servers:
  • Creation date: 25 Dec 2004 15:15:16
  • Expiration date: 25 Dec 2006 15:15:16

Udachu Financial Services: This was apparently one of the first websites established by Rodney M. Spiller, based around the company (which has since been closed) in England. The shell of a website is still there, but not much else. Rodney Spiller is apparently in the process of migrating away from the "Udachu Financial Services" company for greener pastures in Panama and diamonds.

  • Udachu on Alternative This website lists many of the parts of the Udachu network.

  • Blue Banking is one of the flagships of the Spiller network of websites and "quasi" banking sites. Most of these things seem to be driven by a desire to hide funds from the IRS. The following information is listed about on, a website that people use to post some details about their operations in an attempt to build legitimacy:

    • " ATM Debit Card Maestro cirrus debit card without the need for credit checks. Blue Banking Offers a prepaid maestro cirrus debit card without the need for credit checks, other uses included: Cash Card, Loan Card, Payroll Card, Co branded, Travel Card and much more. Languages - English. Address - Ave. Cuba, Building 30-24, Panama. Contact - Blue Cards Corp. Telephone (604) 608 2997."

  • WhoIs Lookup on Registrant Contact: blue cards corp, Chris Sheridan (, +1.6046082997, Cuba Avenue, Building Number 34-20, Panama City, Panama. Creation date: 15 Apr 2005, Expiration date: 15 Apr 2015

  • Cool. A Phone Number: Try doing a Google Search on (604) 608 2997. That's a Skype (computer to computer) telephone number that's listed as the primary point of contact for

  • Want To Make A Quick $15? apparently is (or was) a multi level marketing scheme. If you check out this cache you will see that on 30 August 2005 at 05:57 am the "Blue Banking Affiliate Team" said: "Hello again this is just a quick update to let all of you know we have now changed our payment structure and pay $15.00 a sale plus $7.50 a sale from you 2nd tier. If you would like to discuss our program further or even take this opportunity to join our program you can do so here Regards Blue Banking Affiliate Team, Phone: 001 (605) 415-4649, Fax: 001 (604) 608 2997, Skype ( BlueBanking ).

  • Blue Banking in Japan: These guys don't care where you are. I don't speak Japanese, but I bet there are some FBI kinda guys in Japan that do. Check this one out, fellas.

  • is Actually a Credit Union in Canada: According to the FAQ section of the website, they don't actually issue the ATM or Debit cards, but rather they take your money and the ATM card is issued by the North York Community Credit Union in Canada.

  • Send Us Money Through E-Gold: From the website where they give users instructions on how to send them money, "Loads using E-gold provide clients with a receipt and tracking information of payment. E-gold is reliable, fast and convenient & can be loaded to your account quickly. Our e-gold account number is 2200328 (Blue Banking)."

  • Who Is Good question. Again, according to their FAQ: "Who is is owned by Blue Cards Corp (Panama) the company # is 007250." OK, let me hunt that down.

  • Blue Banking in Panama: Yup, they are registered in the Public Registry with the following information -

    • No. de Ficha: 488366
    • No. Documento: 781804
    • Nombre de la Sociedad: BLUE CARDS CORPORATION.
    • Tomo: 0 Folio: 0 Asiento: 0
    • Fecha de Registro: 19-05-2005 Status: VIGENTE
    • No. de Escritura: 7250 Fecha de Escritura: 16-05-2005
    • Notaria: 4 NOTARIA CUARTA DEL CIRCUITO Provincia Notaria: PANAMA
    • Duración: PERPETUA Domicilio: PANAMA
    • Status de la Prenda: (DEF-DEFINITIVA, PRE-PRELIMINAR)
    • Datos de 1a. Tasa Única
    • Boleta: 606608 Fecha de Pago: 19-05-2005
    • Datos del Diario Tomo: 2005 Asiento: 75170
    • Monto de Capital: 10,000.00
    • Nombre de los Suscriptores: VILMA ALICIA MORALES, INES DE BARES

    Blue Cards World Headquarters in Panama City, Panama

  • What A Dive: I went down to the office building at the intersection of Calle 34 and Ave. Cuba today and went looking for the law offices that are the registered agents for They're not there. They're not listed on the building directory. The building itself is a real hole and lawyers in Panama are a dime a dozen, and the building is full of small law offices so it's possible that the guys who are the "resident agents" for this company are working in there somewhere. But this building is about as low on the totem pole as it gets.

  • Just The Lawyers: This is how it's done in Panama. You set up a company called an "Sociad Anonima" and then use the local lawyers, the guy who washes your car, or a friend of a friend to list them as the president, treasurer, and secretary of the company to provide secrecy and a fire break in case something goes wrong. This lawfirm is located at 34-20 Calle 34 in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

  • But Not Just Any Lawyers: These guys have done this before. Check out this story from La Prensa dated 24 January 2005. These exact same people from this lawfirm were being investigated for having set up another online banking scheme called "Tower Securities Online." All of the data and information in the article is exactly the same as in the Blue Banking case, the names of the lawyers, the street address of their office, etc.

Silvergate: SILVERGATE INVESTMENT GROUP, CORP. is another company registered in Panama. Here's the information from the Public Registry:

  • No. de Ficha: 521413
  • No. Documento: 929725
  • Tomo: 0 Folio: 0 Asiento: 0
  • Fecha de Registro: 30-03-2006 Status: VIGENTE
  • No. de Escritura: 2513 Fecha de Escritura: 21-03-2006
  • Notaria: 41
  • Provincia Notaria: PANAMA
  • Duración: PERPETUA Domicilio: PANAMA
  • Status de la Prenda: (DEF-DEFINITIVA, PRE-PRELIMINAR)
  • Datos de 1a. Tasa Única Boleta: 857778 Fecha de Pago: 29-03-2006
  • Agente Residente: MOSSACK FONSECA & CO.
  • Datos del Diario
  • Tomo: 2006 Asiento: 44354
  • Datos de Microfilmación Rollo: 0 Imagen: 0
  • Monto de Capital: 10,000.00
  • Título del Dignatario Nombre del Dignatario:
  • Nombre de los Directores
  • Nombre de los Suscriptores: ENDERS INC. ROCKALL INC.

Swedish Merchant Savings S&L: This "pseudo" bank is apparently what Rodney M. Spiller is trying to migrate to after having started to operate with the Credit Union in Canada and the "Blue Banking" gig. In reality Blue Banking was just him issuing ATM cards from the Canadian Credit Union "for" the people that he had accounts on, but he probably ran into some regulatory limits and aroused some suspiscions so he opened his own credit union (why not.) Anyone with enough cash can open a Credit Union in Curacao and you can have up to 1,000 members.

The WhoIs Lookup for SMS&L: If you do a WhoIs looking on the Swedish Merchant Savings S&L website, you run into Mr. Ciprian Dimofte in Romania. He's all over the Internet, and is the owner of Since I started working on this story in early November, the registrant information for several of Udachu's websites have been put behind privacy firewalls. That's a change, but the servers are still listed as servers so I know they are still under Ciprian Dimofte's control in Romania. Basically, he's running every website that's hosted on a server.

  • Domain Name:
  • Registrar: AAAQ.COM
  • Whois Server:
  • Referral URL:
  • Name Server:
  • Name Server:
  • Status: ACTIVE
  • Updated Date: 2006-06-28
  • Creation Date: 2006-06-28
  • Expiration Date: 2007-06-28
  • Registrant: Ciprian Dimofte
  • Str. Marasesti 98 A 18
  • Bacau
  • Bacau, Romania 600440
  • RO
  • +40726069916 Fax: +40726069916

  • Administrative Contact:
  • Ciprian Dimofte
  • Str. Marasesti 98 A 18
  • Bacau
  • Bacau, Romania 600440
  • RO
  • +40726069916 Fax: +40726069916

  • Technical Contact:
  • Administrator DNS
  • 1 N State Street
  • 12th Floor
  • Chicago, IL 60602
  • US
  • +1.3122362132 Fax: +1.3122361958

  • Billing Contact:
  • Ciprian Dimofte
  • Str. Marasesti 98 A 18
  • Bacau
  • Bacau, Romania 600440
  • RO
  • +40726069916 Fax: +40726069916

So, What's The Scam? It all comes down to trust and confidence. Rodney M. Spiller's basic line is "send me your money and I will invest it for you. I'll put your funds in an account (either Blue Banking or SMS&L), and you can access your money with your ATM card. Since all of this activity is happening offshore your "privacy" is protected and you don't have to pay any income taxes. What's more, I will protect your "investment" with (first) E-Gold, and now so there are "real" assets to back up your investment.

The Offshore Angle: The web sites are run out of Romania or Myanmar. The legal structures are in Panama. The money could be located in several places, such as bank accounts in Canada, Curacao, held in the form of diamonds in the custody of the Panamanian Customs authorities, or wired to the PNC account held under Irene Kalpan's social security number without her knowledge. The "pitch" to the potential "investors" is just send us your money and we will make money for you, and you won't have to pay any taxes on the income. Since they control the accounts and balance statements then they can simply change the numbers to reflect whatever they want it to say (congratualtions, your money just doubled.) As long as there is money still coming in, then you can use your ATM card from either Blue Banking or the Swedish Merchant S&L to pull a little cash which makes you feel like it's really there. In the meantime the money just keeps pouring in as long as the confidence remains high.

The Tax Man Has A Problem: The problem with all of this is accounting and audits. At exactly what point are you spending money that you earned from your "investment?" As soon as you pull "profits" out of your account with your ATM card you have to pay taxes on that income. Rodney M. Spiller takes the position of "hey, that's your problem" and does not report anything to anyone.

If It's Legal, Why So Much Secrecy? These guys have multiple layers of secrecy built into their structures, but they were stupid about it. They used people who are honest businessmen without their knowledge, and those people are now in the process of rolling over on them. Rodney M. Spiller used the physical address of the Mossack & Fonseca lawfirm in Boquete, Panama as the address for several of his websites, and that was a serious mistake. Actually, trying to scam Mossack & Fonseca was the error that will eventually send this whole group to jail for a long time because there is no way that one of the oldest and most established law firms in Panama is going to throw away 35 years of hard work to keep one slick gringo out of jail. That's Panamanian for "c'ya later, slick."

The Magical Shifting Rodney Show: Rodney M. Spiller started off in Panama with the slimeball lawfirm that he used to set up the Blue Banking scheme, and once he had some play money he shifted to Mossack & Fonseca in order to "buy" some legitimacy. He started Blue Banking ATM cards using the Canadian credit union but "shifted" to the Swedish Merchant S&L when he starting having some problems with regulators. He started taking money from investors under the Udachu scheme but then "shifted" to calling them "private investment clubs" when the SEC started chasing him down and forcing him to comply with law. That's why he closed the Udachu Financial Services gig in the UK. And, since he was getting chased by regulators he moved the whole thing to Panama.

Moving Websites to Romania: I spent an hour talking to Ciprian Dimofte in Romania. Yeah, I don't want to see the phone bill, but it will probably be worth it in the end. When I first pointed out that several of Rodney M. Spiller's websites were being operated out of Romaina by Ciprian Dimofte, I got an angry and threatening from him, which said:

  • From: Ciprian Dimofte []
  • Sent: Monday, November 06, 2006 11:28 AM
  • To:
  • Subject: I would expect applogies.

  • Is that really all you can say? How about some appologies? You really wanna see how things are in BACAU CITY - ROMANIA ? Don't PLAY with me! Please. Do us BOTH a big favour! You don't KNOW who I am. You have no clue how hard I work every day to sustain my computer programming business and the web hosting business. and trust me. I am making a very good job at it. I am fighting SPAM and Hackers and Illegal *censored*s EVERY single day. I can't just sit here watching how you're making unreal and calumnious statements about me and my most respected customers. So please... if you want to know more about BACAU city - ROMANIA please just come here... We'll take my lawyer too. We'll ALL have a nice chat about it.

  • Good day, Ciprian Dimofte, Bacau City Romania, Str. Miron Costin nr. 2 Apt. 10

I'll Be Right There: Obviously, I hopped on the next plane and flew over there to have a cup of coffee. Anyway, after the first "don't screw with me" email, I wrote back and asked for a phone number (which he gave me). His phone numbers are:

  • +40 334 40 13 94 - Office Land Line, or +40 728 01 01 64 - Vodafone Mobile, Ciprian

So, I Gave Him A Call: He was a little excited about the publicity his work was getting. It turns out that Rodney M. Spiller and his organization are his biggest customers so that if Rodney goes away then so does a large chunk of income for Ciprian. I'm sorry about that, but I imagine there are a lot of people out there making a buck off of the Spiller organization. In talking to Ciprian on the phone be pleaded ignorance to anything illegal that the Spillers might be doing with the websites that he has set up for them. In an reality there is no way he could know what they are doing with the money, how they are handling the books, and if they are breaking the law or not. And that sounded good until I started finding websites in Polish that were pumping Udachu investments. So sorry, Ciprian, I no longer buy the "I don't know anything" story. And the next time I'm in Bacau City I'll look you up.

Trying To Contact The Spillers: At this point I was trying to get a message to the Spillers to ask them some questions. I wanted to hear from their side of the story. I called the phone number listed and had a conversation with "Mr. Mysterious" who would not give me his name (see the earlier article.) I also got an email from Andrew R. Spiller, the son of Rodney M. Spiller and the guy who went to customs to claim the diamond shipment:

  • From: andrew spiller []
  • Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 4:17 PM
  • To:
  • Subject: panama story

  • Hello Don,
  • I have been recently directed to your story you have in the panama guide and i must say that what I am reading is quite a shock. I will arrange a call with you in a very near time but for now i would like you to have a few facts to add to your story. Starters , the diamond fiasco what a simple mistake on someones part of filling out the correct forms , we have a copy of the check that was cashed for 20,000 dollars to pay the custom fees the day of the arrival , so there was NO intent of smuggling diamonds in any way, and we did not claim the package as no commercial value.!!We are happy to pay the fees accordingly and have cooperated with the government of panama to sort this out. I personally went to the customs office the very next day when i was not even required to do so and gave a statement and explained what had happened.

  • As for you stating that we are running a ponzi , well that is rediculus , once again you are going off speculation of a few online blogs that have what kind of credibility? You should really contact the person you are investigating instead of trying to make someone look bad in the public eye when in fact you are going to look bad yourself when this is all over. We have done no harm to anyone in anyway nor do we have the desire to but if you continue with this we will take legal action against you. This is not a threat just a friendly suggestion.

  • The simple matter is this is getting you all pumped up and digging into our business for what reason? I would love to explain myself on behalf of our companies but i dont see the need to do so until we have pleased the panama authorities then you will get the entire story from the news i would assume, If not I will give you the facts at that point. I am asking that you please try and restrain yourself from posting anymore incorrect information until you have proven facts. I will be traveling for the next few days cross a few countries but once i settle down we can have a call. Until then please ask me questions via email to clarify your story and hopefully you can take a different take on this.

  • Regards. Andrew Spiller

I'll Trump Your Lawyer With the IRS: Well, that's two threats in two days. All of this time I'm thinking "what are these guys so nervious about?" Of course, it all goes back to the con in confidence. If all of the "investors" in the Udachu network made a run for their money at the same time then this house of cards comes tumbling down. The original Ponzi actually survived the first "panic" and paid off a bunch of people when the word got out that he was running a scam. After he paid off all of those people the confidence in his scheme actually improved, and even more money came pouring in. So my advice to the Spillers would be to simply pay off anyone who wants out. If you're a legitimate investement trading house, FOREX, offshore bank, ATM Credit Union, or whatever the hell else, then who cares if you have to undergo an IRS audit, get checked from top to bottom by the Panamanian Ministry of Economy and Finance, and stuff like that. I mean, you guys are perfectly legal, right? Well, that's the line anyway.

And Email From Rodney Himslef: By 8 November 2006, Rodney M. Spiller himself decided it was time to write me an email. Most of what is in here is misdirection, attempts to reflect the problem back on me, and wishful thinking that I will just shut up and go away. I'll just publish the whole email as written, and you can make up your own mind:

  • From: []
  • Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 9:40 AM
  • To:
  • Subject: Spiller Family

  • Don,

  • Why are you interested in contacting any of the Spillers? It does not appear that you have any interest in the truth or facts. I mean no disrespect when I say that you cannot honestly call what you are writing journalism. There is nothing it what you have written that is fact. It is all based on web searches. You are mixing up companies and names.

  • If a man owns a pizza joint and a hardware store does not mean he is putting cement in the sauce. There is nothing about these companies that is ilegal or unethical. No one is ever suggesting a way to avoid taxes. On the contrary we have assisted in setting up people in such a way that they are able to limit their tax liability while acting in a responsible manner with their funds they have in offshore endeavors. I was contacted by an officer of the company who said he was going to look over a list of questions you were going to prepare. I just want to make sure that you understand that we are not out there trying to get anyone to give us money for anything. The companies you have listed are only tools people can use.

  • We are certainly not going to supply you with a wealth of information when you irresponsibly throw us in with the likes of cult leaders and pornographers. I fully admit that there was confusion with the diamonds and customs. The very simple fact is that those diamonds cost us much less that the full retail value of $76,000 In truth it was about 10% of that. We had the manifest show the retail value simply to pacify customs. If you were to buy them on E Bay you would pay much less.

  • Avoiding the tax was never even a consideration. We were notified on Wednesday that the package would be available for pick up on Friday. We wrote a check for the taxes to MossFon for $20k on Thursday which was cashed the same day. Friday the courier went to pick them up. Obviously there was a breakdown somewhere. But there was certainly no intention to avoid anything.

  • As far as the rest of Udachu business is concerned. We do not accept funds from individuals for investments. We have a small group of IBCs that work with other IBCs for various investments as well as charitable work we are doing in Panama. These are all private and will remain so. Since you have touched on the subject of HYIPs then you must have done enough homework to know about E Gold. E-Gold is the number one choice for people to use in the HYIP arena. It is also polluted with hackers, phishers and scam artists.

  • Many people we know have lost money using e gold from various internet crooks. This is why D-Carat was brought about. As an alternative that is safe to use for our private members. If you examine the D-Carat site would you find any reason to use it? Of course not. It is not meant for the public. There is no place for you to spend it so why use it? Unless you were a corporation within our group it is useless to you. Diamonds are used to back up the company should anything go wrong. We can liquidate the diamonds to ensure our partners money is secure. It is a very simple plan that does not involve bilking little old ladies of their Social Security, false religions or Ponzi scams. As far as the boulet site is concerned...I have heard of him but know very little about him. We are not associated in anyway.

  • The end result is quite simple. We are doing everything in our power to make sure that the legal standards that are set up within all g-10 nations are abided by. We are not soliciting funds from anyone. And we are not interested in doing any business with the public. This being the case a public watch dog seems a bit useless at this point in time. I will discuss the possibility of providing you with more information with our board of directors. I can assure you that with full disclosure you would be disappointed. People do not read articles where it states that everything is fine and dandy. They only like drama and intrigue. I do not anticipate full to disclosure to you or anyone else. You have already shown us that you will write anything that comes up in a google search. Hardly an unbiased journalistic approach.

  • Regards, Udachu Team

What If They Are Legal? My next article simply asked the question that maybe these guys have found a way to slide right up to the edge of the "grey area" without going off into breaking the law. This article got another response from Rodney M. Spiller:

  • From: []
  • Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 10:44 AM
  • To:
  • Subject: Your Last article

  • Hello Don,

  • Since the time I wrote the email to you I have read your last article. It appears that the more research you do the more reasonable your writing. This is a new one for me. In almost all cases the more you dig the dirtier it gets.

  • You are correct in the fact that Ponzi schemes only work when there is a constant flow of money coming in from new investors. Even if they do not start out as Ponzi schemes they can end up that way because they get more money than they can invest and end up using that cash flow to pay investors. We are a small company. We want it to stay small. In fact it started out with only 8 people that were working together to invest together. As time went on everyone had family and friends that wanted in. It got to be a bit much.

  • So we needed to restructure. We are now at the point where we do not accept any funds from individuals. And the people that do know us are very confident in our ability. We are not dealing with just the US and Panama when it comes to legal requirements. It is a global situation. Tax laws are different everywhere. I am not an accountant. I am not a lawyer. And I will never give tax advice or tell people how to avoid paying taxes.

  • Let's look at motive. As an example if I have the opportunity to buy a piece of real estate for $100,000 and already have a buyer for it for $200,000 then I have a pretty good deal. I just made 100% on my investment. Getting greedy and avoiding the taxes does nothing but complicate my life and prevent me from getting in on the next deal. Why shoot myself in the foot?

  • IBCs are not a form of tax evasion or tax avoidance. You still must claim the tax. No way around it. I have never said otherwise. As you said in your post that if you are driving a new BMW that your IBC provided then of course it is going to look funny to the IRS. If you live in the US that is.

  • I also agree with the "not ruin it for everyone else" claim. Things are going well. People that step in and muddy the waters with illegal activity puts a black spot on it for everyone.

  • So I want to reiterate that we are not looking for investors or a cash flow. We want our company small. In fact we are reducing it now. It is a constant battle to remain within the guidelines of the law and remain in the profit. So we will operate our company in such a way that we can maintain our profitability while keeping to the legal structure we are bound to. Nothing about what we do has anything to do with tax issues. If anything I stay away from the gray areas as well. Hence paying a higher tax value to customs on the diamonds just to keep out of the lime lite. As you can see that went over like a fart in church.

  • Regards, Rod Spiller

Walks Like A Duck, Quacks Like A Duck: For the record I don't believe a word this guy is saying. He is apparently accustomed to telling people what they want to hear and getting what he wants in return. I'll just touch on a couple of points. If they don't want any new investors then why are they asking people to "invest" $500 or $1,000 minimums on websites in Polish, Russian, and Italian? Importing diamonds to Panama is just plain dumb no matter how you slice it because you have to pay import taxes when you bring them in and, sales taxes when you sell them, and income tax on the profit. And, this guy wants be to believe that they were actually trying to pay more taxes than were legally owed after they were caught red-handed trying to smuggle them in illegally? His assumption of my stupidity is insulting at face value. I became absolutely convinced that these guys were crooks after having read this email.

This Article is Closed: I sent this article to the Legal Attache on 30 November, and in order to keep things organized I'm not going to do any more work on this article. If I kept going back and adding to or updating this article then I'll just confuse myself and everyone else. So, officially, this article is closed as of 30 November 2006. If I have to go back and update or clear up anything later, they I will offset that text with italics or bolds or something to make it stand out. Now, I'm off to investigate the Udachu organization that supposedly "wants to stay small" but that is working the internet in several languages to get people in Europe to send them money. The problem is that this kind of work does not pay the bills, and I have some serious expenses coming up shortly so I have to do some "serious" work (you know, the stuff that puts food on the table.) I'll mess with these knuckleheads when I have the chance.

Copyright 2006 By Don Winner. As usual, all rights reserved but feel free to use anything you want as long as you give credit to the original source and article. Please use this link ( to refer to this article once it is published. Thanks.

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