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Monday, July 09 2012 @ 07:10 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Imagine a global virtual marketplace full of all kinds of products, where local buyers and sellers as well as international visitors are all gathered in one place. www.encuentra24.com is just that - a virtual market where you can find, buy or sell almost anything. "Encuentra” is Spanish for "find", and “24” refers to the fact this ingenious market concept is open 24 hours a day, creating in effect a kind of virtual marketplace that can always be accessed and updated, a virtual Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in both English and Spanish for Panama. The one thing all of the listings have in common is that they are available in Panama and also in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Spain and soon in all Latin American countries.

Encuentra24.com the top Panama real estate & classified website or MLS were users can find and purchase properties from listings, posted by each owner or realtor without any kind of commissions from the sale. Each registered user is able to post their listing and all they need is a computer, Internet connection, a valid e-mail account and to visit www.encuentra24.com. All ads are daily updated, since posters are able to publish, edit, erase, upload photos, feature a listings photo on the front page, and much more plus view their published ad, online in minutes.

Panama Real Estate Map Search Buyers can choose from Encuentra24.com, Panama’s largest real estate listings including thousands of detailed property ads in Panama from their Map search; view real estate for rent, for sale, new properties in development for investment, retirement, or vacation beach properties, and know the location of the listing if your not familiar with the country. The classifieds Website also list a wide selection of auto, pets, electronics, and furniture listings, new and used for sale locally.

Buyers who visit the website will find all of the information they need within its complete and comprehensive design, including product descriptions, photos, as well as the name and contact information of the vendor or advertiser. If you are looking for a specific home, studio, commercial property, lot or apartment in Panama, visit the its Realtor Gallery list with a reference of professional licensed brokers to guide you through your real estate search or signup to receive an e-mail alert for any listing with your search criteria.

‘Compare products vs. prices’

The main advantage of an online marketplace is that it gives you a means and method through which you can compare products, prices and features carefully before making your purchase.

Today the Internet and websites such as encuentra24.com work towards providing a place were advertisers can reach not only local buyers, but also throughout the large international community that is interested in relocating to Panama.

This technology uses less energy and unlike printed ads, it is a cost efficient and time-saving media which uses the least amount of resources and works fast.

Editor's Comment: This works. My son sold his GameCube system in two days, and we had several other calls after it was gone. Thumbs up...

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