Alvaro - The Best Mechanic in Panama

Thursday, December 07 2006 @ 11:20 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

One of my best-kept secrets in Panama is Alvaro. He's a very good and much more than competent mechanic who will either fix your car or find someone who can if he runs into something that's beyond his capabilities. You really should write this down and stick it in your wallet. He has two cell phone numbers, his "old" number is 6-593-8844 and his "new" number is 6-634-8101. He answers both of them so you can use either one to get in touch with him. He is bilingual, has years of experience working in the former canal zone and knows how to take care of his customers. He has a rolling garage in the back of his mini-van with enough tools and equipment to get you running again no matter where you are if your car breaks down on the side of the road somewhere, at least enough to limp back to his shop. And the most important part is that he's honest to a fault. This man will not rip you off, and I think he's physically incapable of telling a lie. And if you've got squeaky brakes or something you've been putting off to get fixed, now (a couple of weeks before Christmas) would be a good time to get it taken care of and you'll be throwing some work to a good man. Tell him "Mr. Don" sent you, and he will hook you up.

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